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Player of the Match

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Game 1 on this Tuesday was a thriller, what will game 2 have in store? We will be live with that match's coverage very shortly, so be back for it. From here, this is all we have. Goodbye and thank you for joining us.

Nazmul Islam is Man of the Match for his 4-0-18-3.

"It was hearth-throbbing. It was tough, but the good thing is we got 10 points and we can now relax. It is very important to play well under pressure and for the boys to step up," says Rangpur captain Mashrafe Mortaza. Last five matches that we have won have all been very close."

"We were 10-15 short. Fletcher is a key player and Babar Azam is a good player and Bresnan closed it out well for us," says Sylhet captain Nasir Hossain.

The second half of the BPL has seen its share of thrillers and this is yet another addition to it. When Ziaur Rehman and Brendon McCullum were blasting it out of the park, it had seemed as though Rangpur would seal this off with plenty of time to spare. They were going at 12 an over at one point, but that's what wickets can do to a team in T20. Sylhet picked up four of them after breaking that second-wicket partnership. That meant it took a last-over six from Mashrafe Mortaza to ease the nerves before Nahidul Islam finished it off with a four.

Bresnan to Nahidul Islam, FOUR runs, and he has sent down another full toss. Would you believe it? Bresnan has bowled a wide and three full tosses in the final over. This one is outside off again and has been flayed over mid-off for the winning boundary

A straight mid-on comes in now.

Bresnan to Mashrafe Mortaza, 1 run, full toss and wide again, Mashrafe backs away and opens the face to point who fumbles and allows a single. Scores level
Bresnan to Mashrafe Mortaza, SIX runs, horrendous bowling. Wants the wide yorker and instead fires up a full toss and gift wraps it with all the width in the world for Mashrafe to walks across and launch it over long-on
Bresnan to Mashrafe Mortaza, no run, very full, very wide, Mashrafe reaches out and skews it back to the bowler
Bresnan to Mashrafe Mortaza, 1 wide, takes it wide of the batsman and slows down the pace as well making Mashrafe reach out. Called wide but that's a marginal call

Bresnan to bowl the final over. He has eight to defend

19 | 11 Runs | RR: 165/6 (9 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 8.68, RRR: 9.00)

  • Nahidul Islam10 (6b)
  • Mashrafe Mortaza10 (7b)
  • Sohail Tanvir4-0-44-1
  • Kamrul Islam Rabbi4-0-32-0
Sohail Tanvir to Nahidul Islam, no run, backs away to a fuller ball and Tanvir fires it wide of the batsman and fuller still to prevent him from putting bat to ball. Good bowling under pressure

Riders 2nd innings Partnerships

1st7CH GayleZiaur Rahman
2nd59BB McCullumZiaur Rahman
3rd29BB McCullumMohammad Mithun
4th22BB McCullumRS Bopara
5th9RS BoparaSamiullah Shinwari
6th20Mashrafe MortazaRS Bopara
7th31Mashrafe MortazaNahidul Islam

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