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Scorer: Chandan Duorah | Commentator: Deivarayan Muthu

20 | 8 Runs 1 Wkt | DD: 155/8 (13 runs required, RR: 7.75)

  • KK Cooper9 (5b)
  • Abu Hider5 (2b)
  • Mohammad Saifuddin3-0-18-2
  • Hasan Ali4-0-38-0

10pm Comilla's captain Tamim punches the air in delight. They have now moved to the top of the table with this 12-run victory. Pollard and Mosaddek made a fist of the 168 chase but the variations from Bravo, Hasan, and Saif were too much to overcome. We will have more on the Cooper incident soon. Do stick around with us. I will also bring you the presentation shortly.

Shakib: 167, given the batting order we had, we could have chased it eight out of ten times. But their bowlers never let us take easy boundaries. We have two more important games left, and if we do well, we will be alright.

Tamim: We should have scored at least 180, if not 200. Believing we can defend the total shows our character.

DJ Bravo, Man of the Match : It was a great team effort. At the halfway stage, we believed we win the game. Yeah, we're happy with the win. It is not an easy thing to bowl when the ball is wet. Games like these brings the best out of me, and I enjoy bowling somebody like Pollard. Cooper is a big man, and my knee is strapped up. I have a couple of days to recover.

That rounds out the Chittagong leg of the BPL. Hope you enjoyed our coverage as much as we did bringing it to you. Until next time, goodbye and good night

Mohammad Saifuddin to Cooper, 1 run, Cooper backs away outside leg, the bowler chases him with a short ball, which is shovelled away to deep midwicket
Mohammad Saifuddin to Abu Hider, 1 run, just short of a good length on off stump, Hider swings but can only toe-end the ball down to long-on

Sydee: "So , the equation for semis becomes quite interesting after this match . If Dhaka loses both of their upcoming matches and RK wins both , Dhaka will be out of the tournament . This BPL has shown us that 'Morning shows the day ' is not right always . SS won first 3 but they are almost out . "

Mohammad Saifuddin to Abu Hider, FOUR runs, full-toss on off stump Hider winds up and smacks it to the wide long-on boundary
Mohammad Saifuddin to Jahurul Islam, OUT, Saif rattles the stumps. What a yorker. Speared into the base of middle. The batsman, having backed away outside leg, can't squeeze it out. The middle stump is pegged back. Saif has his hands aloft in joy

Jahurul Islam b Mohammad Saifuddin 17 (10b 3x4 0x6) SR: 170.00

Mohammad Saifuddin to Cooper, 1 run, really full on middle stump, Cooper backs away outside leg and carves it out to the off-side sweeper
Mohammad Saifuddin to Jahurul Islam, 1 run, slower short ball outside off, dragged across the line to wide long-on

Dhaka need 21 off the final over. Saif to bowl it

Nayeem: "@Ash, Lets put hand together to congratulate Tamim for his noble job instead of putting question mark on it."

Dynamites 2nd innings Partnerships

1st13JL DenlyE Lewis
2nd33JL DenlyShadman Islam
3rd19JL DenlyShakib Al Hasan
4th8JL DenlySP Narine
5th10JL DenlyKA Pollard
6th36KA PollardMosaddek Hossain
7th5Jahurul IslamKA Pollard
8th25Jahurul IslamKK Cooper
9th6KK CooperAbu Hider

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