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20 | 10 Runs | SS: 145/7 (26 runs required, RR: 7.25)

  • Sharifullah9 (6b)
  • Mohammad Sharif14 (12b)
  • Mohammad Saifuddin4-0-26-0
  • Hasan Ali4-0-35-2

9:45pm And that's all from our coverage tonight. Thanks for joining in. See you for the eliminator.

Liton: I tried my best in the first couple of matches and didn't get any big scores, so I just wanted to keep focusing on the basics. In the T20 game, middle overs are crucial. In the Powerplays sometimes you don't get runs or wicket, so the middle is very important. It was a good feeling to hit over the top so much.

Liton Das is the Player of the Match

Shoaib Malik: I'm honoured that I got the opportunity to captain. The way Liton and Marlon batted in the middle overs was great, these are not batting friendly pitches. You have the edge when your top order plays really well. That allows you to go and express yourself. They were taking singles and hitting boundaries and set the target basically. (about Bangladesh's talent pool) If you look at Bangladesh cricket, it's improving day by day. It's going in the right direction. The youngsters need guidance. They need someone to give them the proper chances.

9:31pm And that is it. A comrpehensive end to the group stage by the table toppers. Three classy innings to set up a big total and then a stunning display of fast bowling up front that set up Graeme Cremer to tighten the noose and break the middle order. A big win, by 25 runs.

Mohammad Saifuddin to Sharifullah, 1 run, slower ball, good length at off stump. Gets down to try and play the reverse sweep. Looks like he gets a glove on it and it's into the point area
Mohammad Saifuddin to Sharifullah, FOUR runs, full at leg stump, stands tall in the crease and heaves wildly to get this wide of long-on
Mohammad Saifuddin to Sharifullah, no run, the perfect yorker. Hits the base of off stump as the batsman shuffles across and looks to ramp this over fine leg

Free hit

Mohammad Saifuddin to Mohammad Sharif, (no ball) 1 run, full toss above the waist at an off stump line. He looks to slog and can only top-edge it to the region behind the bowler. Wouldn't be out if anyone caught it. And he can't be out - mostly - off the next ball either
Mohammad Saifuddin to Mohammad Sharif, no run, yorker follow him down leg side and beats him as he looks to squeeze it out
Mohammad Saifuddin to Sharifullah, 1 run, full at off stump, steps out and drives to extra cover

Sixers 2nd innings Partnerships

1st7ADS FletcherMohammad Rizwan
2nd30ADS FletcherNasir Hossain
3rd27ADS FletcherBabar Azam
4th8Babar AzamSabbir Rahman
5th11RA WhiteleySabbir Rahman
6th36Sohail TanvirSabbir Rahman
7th5Mohammad SharifSohail Tanvir
8th21Mohammad SharifSharifullah

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