8.1 What a superb take by Sarfraz behind the stumps, short ball, on leg stump, tries to play on the leg side, ball clips the gloves and almost going for four, Sarfraz dives full length towards his left and grabs a one handed blinder! 37/1
    9.2 Gone! fuller in length, on middle stump, Taufeeq tries to play across the line, misses it and pays the price, caught plumb in front, big shout and up goes the finger of Saleem Badar 43/2
    12.1 Gone! good length ball, just outside off and angling away from the right hander, tries to chase that one, ends up a thick outside edge in the gloves of keeper, who makes no mistake 59/3
    14.3 another beauty from Lal does the damage, fuller in length, just outside off and moves away, goes for the drive and thick outside edge through to keeper, Sarfraz takes his 3rd catch 62/4
    43.5 Allover! tosses up, just outside off, drives on the up and in the air straight in the hands of Faisal at cover, who takes a simple catch 192/10
    15.3 Gone! flipper hits the pad just outside off, big shout for lbw ,umpire taeks his time and up goes the finger, Rameez not happy with the decision 67/5
    19 another great catch by Sarfraz, fuller in length, just outside off and nips back a bit, tries to play across the line, gets the inner edge, Sarfraz dives towards his left and tkes a fantastic catch 72/6
    19.4 tosses up, outside off and gets some turn, tries to play a sweep shot, misses it and hits the pad just outside off, big shout for lbw and up goes the finger of umpire Saleem, another poor decision by umpire Saleem Badar 73/7
    19.5 Beauty from Kaneria, flipper on off stump, Rizwan plays at the wrong line and ball hits the off stump, Bears now 8 down 73/8
    41.5 That is the end of a good fighting innings by Rauf, tosses up, on off stump, tries to play against the spin, leading edge to point and Hasan Raza takes a dolly! 183/9
    not out
    12 (b 4, lb 3, nb 2, w 3)
    192 all out (43.5 Overs, RR: 4.38)
    Fall of wickets: 1-37 (Gulraiz Sadaf, 8.1 ov), 2-43 (Taufeeq Umar, 9.2 ov), 3-59 (Zulfiqar Babar, 12.1 ov), 4-62 (Taimur Khan, 14.3 ov), 5-67 (Rameez Alam, 15.3 ov), 6-72 (Kashif Naved, 18.6 ov), 7-73 (Jalat Khan, 19.4 ov), 8-73 (Rizwan Haider, 19.5 ov), 9-183 (Abdur Rauf, 41.5 ov), 10-192 (Abid Ali, 43.5 ov)
    Anwar Ali7.003515.0010
    Tanvir Ahmed8.014215.2501
    Lal Kumar10.022232.2001
    Danish Kaneria10.003633.6020
    Azam Hussain7.504525.7400
    Asad Shafiq1.00505.0000

Match Notes