India in South Africa 2013-14 October 21, 2013

BCCI confirms two Tests, three ODIs in South Africa


India's tour of South Africa later this year has been confirmed by the BCCI, which on Tuesday announced a series of two Tests and three ODIs. The dates and venues for the matches, however, are yet to be announced.*

Responding to the BCCI statement, Cricket South Africa said that the venues were being worked out. "Since the confirmation about the fixtures only came this morning, the cricket ops team will work on this now. At this stage we can't put a date to when the fixtures will be confirmed, but will advise as soon as that process is complete."

The tour's confirmation came after an assurance from CSA that it would suspend its CEO, Haroon Lorgat, from dealing with matters related to India and the ICC pending an inquiry by the world body into allegations against him. The allegations relate to Lorgat's role in the statement issued by David Becker, formerly the ICC's legal head, that the BCCI's flouting of the FTP could have legal implications. In his statement, released to the media last week, Becker had said it was "improper" to allow a member body to "blatantly disregard an ICC resolution".

The issue was touched upon during the ICC Executive Board meeting in London over the weekend and the BCCI's demand for an ethics committee inquiry against Becker and Lorgat gained a lot of support. Many ICC Full Members are believed to have expressed their reservations over Lorgat being a part of ICC proceedings. The BCCI, in its release announcing the series, said the ICC "is now considering its legal options" in respect to Becker's comments.

The two boards also said that they have agreed to continue discussions "about the possibility of agreeing further bilateral arrangements ... between the two teams, taking into account any scheduling imbalances from previous years".

For now, though, the shortened tour - the original schedule announced by CSA in July had three Tests, seven ODIs and two T20s pencilled in - means a big loss in revenue for the South African board: it stands to lose R200 million (approx. US$ 20m). Also, it is is very likely that the smaller venues, where matches are usually played to sell-out crowds, will miss out on international cricket this year; the ODIs against India was the only international cricket scheduled this season in East London and Bloemfontein. The window for the series also indicates that CSA cannot host a New Year's Test - that means no India Test at Newlands, or possibly no traditional Boxing Day Test in Durban with a change of venues being an option.

South Africa captain Graeme Smith said his team would be disappointed if the New Year's Test indeed does not happen. "There is a natural disappointment but we don't have enough information. We haven't had any information given to us as a team about the fixtures," Smith said on the eve of second Test against Pakistan, in the UAE. "As far as a New Year's Test goes, its our marque event of the summer and as a team we were hopeful that would happen but we've just got to wait."

Lorgat has been suspended from two of the most important responsibilities in his job profile, but will continue to take care of all the domestic affairs at CSA as well as deal with other ICC members. CSA is yet to appoint a replacement to oversee the India tour in Lorgat's absence.

The South African Cricketers' Association (SACA) also expressed its disappointment at the shortened series. "Everyone is now deprived of a meaningful series, especially in the Test format between the world's top two cricket nations," SACA's chief executive, Tony Irish, said. "I don't see how this can possibly be in the interests of either cricket in this country or of the global game. Cricket is the loser, plain and simple. In addition CSA will suffer massive financial losses which will affect players, cricket programmes and cricket development at all levels in our country.

"The only positive to emerge today is the stated commitment of both CSA and the BCCI to continue with good faith discussions over the possibility of agreeing further scheduled fixtures between the two teams. At very least the players and the fans of both countries deserve that and should be entitled to hold the two boards to this commitment."

The announcement of the tour ends a story that has been playing out for several months and severely tested the relations between the BCCI and CSA, which have been on best terms since the end of apartheid in the early 1990s.

The origin of the issue was the schedule for India's tour of South Africa, which was announced by CSA on July 8. However, it immediately fell into problems because the schedule had not been endorsed by the BCCI. And though there was no official statement, the sticking point seemed to be CSA's appointment of Lorgat as its chief executive despite a series of run-ins between Lorgat and the BCCI during his tenure as ICC chief.

*06.50GMT, October 22: This article has been updated after the BCCI confirmed the South Africa series

'Lorgat situation leaves CSA on shaky ground'

Amol Karhadkar is a correspondent at ESPNcricinfo

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  • Android on October 29, 2013, 1:43 GMT

    its a joke! india just dsnt want ther rating to go down so they are only playing two test and three one days! because they know playing in south africa is very hard and its gonna bring alot of question marks on team pergormance!

    And everyone know Dale Steyn is good even in indian conditions so playing against him in his home conditions and against Philander is going to be impossible!

    Now india is playing 7 ODI against Australia just because ther batsmens have practiced enough in nets against all australians bowlers so they are use to them!

    In simple Words

    India is scared playing against good teams because still they cant get over what happend to them when pakistan beated them in their Home and pakistabi bowlers made a joke out of Kholi and Raina and all top performers!

  • Afsar on October 28, 2013, 18:44 GMT

    @INDSlider - take the mirror image of your comments and apply to ENG, NZ, SA, AUS. Who told cricket is played only on fast and bouncy pitches? Do you know India is playing 5-tests in ENG and 4 Tests in AUS next year? If you think cricket is only with Fast Bowlers and Bouncy Pitches then do not watch any cricket in Asia. does SL or BD or PAK has fast and bouncy pitch a la perth or Durban? Asian soil will not suitable to prepare fast n Bouncy pitches. Pitch will detorate from Day 2 and not suitable to play from day 3. Do you know Aus current streak of losing 0-8 to India in India? But you remember the one year whiich India played badly for 8-0 in two different countires. give credit where it is due, BCCI does so many good things to Indian Cricket, which other countires cannot think of.

  • Manoj on October 26, 2013, 8:08 GMT

    I am pretty angry about our BCCI. They always try to prune the number of away test matches against top test nations like SA, Aus and Eng. But, if they are offered against SL, Ban, WI or NZ, they would definitely accept even 5 test matches. Thats how we try to maintain our ranking. On another note, I am pretty happy we are having an away test series rather than home series where our so called great batsmen will score bucketful of runs by preparing flat tracks and we will treat them as legends. I hope SA will thrash us and we plan more away tests and prepare fast bouncy pitches in India immediately after the series. We need players who can score runs outside India not home track bulies. I know my fellow fans will attack me like hell, but before that please think carefully yourselves what is the truth.

  • Jets on October 25, 2013, 18:11 GMT

    Wherever an country or an entity is in a position of power because of the wealth it can generate for itself and everyone it partners with it uses the power to exercise its will. Look at US and how it goes about its business. That is the reality of the situation.

    CSA bit the hand that feeds and its very lucky it gets even 2 Test's and 3 ODI's. For those proposing that CSA should have just walked away should know that playing with India will keep CSA's head above water financially!

  • Al on October 24, 2013, 22:13 GMT

    I would have loved to see Tendulkar getting mauled by Steyn, Morkel and Philander. Well, Tendulkar escaped a certain mauling. Let's see what our young guns - Dhawan, Pujara, Kohli, Rohit and the rest are made of. Anybody can score on the flat subcontinent wickets. In order to regain #1 test spot, we need our batsmen to perform outside India as well.

  • Mashuq on October 24, 2013, 10:55 GMT

    As someone who has always had a soft spot for India because I am of Indian heritage (although born and bred in Cape Town), I'll forego the pleasure of watching the Newlands New Year, @Robster1 on (October 22, 2013, 13:28 GMT), for seeing India whitewashed by South Africa (and I'm not even a South African fan!).

  • Kapil on October 24, 2013, 7:37 GMT

    India has almost 15 days before they go to NZ for play there and if you remove a week's break and a game to get used to conditions, they could have still played another Test from Jan 02 - 06 and reached India by 8th, left for NZ by 13th and get acclimatized to the conditions there. I seriously reckon that all the fans should get behind BCCI on all possible social forums and get this done as 2 Tests and 3 ODIs in a month is too short and if the tour can be extended by a week, another Test and 1 T20 can be easily accomodated which would make it at least a reasonable tour..

  • Biso on October 24, 2013, 6:56 GMT

    @proteaboytjie My argument is simple . CSA wanted India to play seven ODI's for revenue generation. If you look at the schedule CSA tried to force on BCCI, it is obvious that the priority was ODI's and not Test Cricket. Boards can boycott India at their own peril . International cricket will perish in no time without BCCI's moolah. Unless China takes to cricket in a major way the status won't change. As for getting a beating in their backyard in ODI's, the team is trying out bowlers and I am sure they will find the right ones for WC within a year. Batting will not be any problem.@ Wijeya. Tell me what is wrong about BCCI forcing their point of interest when it is obvious that 70 % of the revenues come from BCCI. In fact CSA had taken BCCI for granted and that is exactly the reason why relations worsened. BCCI has been arranging matches against Zimbabwe while Aus/Eng have had no test matches against them for a long time. And you blame" India is out to finish Test cricket".

  • Afsar on October 23, 2013, 23:06 GMT

    As a proud Indian, I am proud of what BCCI does to Indian Cricket. BCCI make sure that all cricketers from First-class level do not need to depend on other jobs for their living after retirement. BCCI works for its own Interest to the Indian Cricket. I do not agree with all BCCI does but i support most of the times as they are right. No one knows what happenned between BCCI and Lorgat, but everyone jumps into conclusion that BCCI is at fault. BCCI informed CSA as a good friend that they do not want Lorgat as CEO as they has bad relationship with him in his ICC tenure. CSA should have thought about two decade relationship with BCCI before appointing Lorgat. When BCCI reject the tour Itinerary, neither CSA nor Lorgat contacted BCCI, but they took it for granted and published the itinerary without BCCI concerns. In the interest of Indian cricket they need to use their power to show CSA who is the boss otherwise SLC will schedule tours with India for every 2 months. GO INDIA..GO BCCI..

  • Afsar on October 23, 2013, 22:18 GMT

    @Zia Hassan - Why Aus vs SA in 2009 is just 2-test series? Ind vs SA encounters often 2 test seriec except 2010-11. Its ridiculous to blame BCCI for everything. When BCCI asked CSA to revise the 7 ODI's, nobody responded to BCCI and new CEO Lorgat sleeping all the time till BCCI fixed new tours with WI & NZ.