South Africa news August 12, 2010

Allan Donald to coach Mountaineers

Allan Donald has joined the rapidly growing list of former internationals heading to Zimbabwe to help with the country's attempts to rebuild its international reputation and push for a return to Test cricket.

The former South African fast-bowling great will take charge of reigning domestic champions the Mountaineers for at least the forthcoming season which begins on September 6.

Donald has filled various roles as a bowling or assistant coach for Free State, Warwickshire and England since his retirement from the game in 2003 but has been frustrated in recent months by his inability to secure a full-time position. He held high hopes of landing the England bowling coach position which was filled by Australian David Saker in April this year.

"I have always wanted to move away from being a bowling specialist and become more of a head coach, and this is exactly the sort of opportunity I've been looking for," Donald told Cricinfo.

"Quite a few jobs I've applied for have asked for 'at least two or three years experience' as a head coach. It's the old chicken and egg story, how do you get the job without the experience, and how do you get the experience without a job! But now that's behind me and I can't wait to get started," Donald said.

Steve Mangongo, who coached the Mountaineers to both the four-day Logan Cup and Faithwear Metbank 50-over titles last year has relinquished the post to concentrate on dual roles as national assistant to Zimbabwe coach Alan Butcher and a supervisory position at the national academy.

Donald joins former Australia fast bowler Jason Gillespie (Midwest Rhinos) and former England batsman Monte Lynch (Southern Rocks) as coach in Zimbabwe's domestic competitions while former Zimbabwean internationals Alistair Campbell, Heath Streak, Grant Flower and Dave Houghton are all involved at national level.

"We are still putting the finishing touches to the contract but I certainly want to do it for more than one year," Donald said. "I don't think you can prove too much in one season. And it's exciting to be part of Zimbabwe cricket's revival."

Neil Manthorp is a South African broadcaster and journalist, and head of the MWP Sport agency

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  • Rakesh_Sharma on August 13, 2010, 20:21 GMT

    I hope Zimbabwe again becomes a good team as they were during 2000 till 2001. Infact Zimbabwe must recall all its players who are still playing in county cricket and else where so there is continuity and new players are exposed to quality cricket. I can stilll think of very good line up .

    Taibu, Sean Erwin, Craig Erwin, Blignaught, Price,Chingumbura, Taylor,Jarvis,Freind,Marillier. If players like Goodwin, Heath Strreak also contribute for 2 or three years they will become a very strong outfit.

    Please get the set up right so that Cricket prosper irrespective of politics.

    Allan Donald is a great addition.

  • Basapa on August 13, 2010, 4:11 GMT

    well, once upon a time zim also a very opposite team in world, but slowly get down from the ranking, we hope they will back in the ranking team...

  • lucyferr on August 13, 2010, 1:10 GMT

    Good development - and unlike poor ol Dizzy in flat Gweru, there's actually things to do around Mutare (where the Mountaneers are based) - if you like hiking in hills and outdoor stuff. Plus the Mozambique coast is about a five-ish hour drive away - good for a weekend at the beach!

  • _NEUTRAL_Fan_ on August 12, 2010, 20:46 GMT

    This great to hear. I am quite glad that he has gone to help one of the lesser nations with promise , rather than one of the big boys. This is what cricket needs. The smaller nations in my opinion should get the best of the best to help them and I do think with a guy as good as Donald, Zim will be returning sooner rather than later. I sincerely hope he turns out to be as good a coach as he was a player.

  • bharath74 on August 12, 2010, 20:24 GMT

    So many good players guiding ZIM, hopefully they will fare better and gain their test status.

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