Miller canes 31 off Saifuddin over

David Miller was one hit away from joining Herschelle Gibbs and Yuvraj Singh as the only batsmen to hit six sixes in an over in international cricket. He couldn't make it, but minutes later he had the hefty consolation of breaking the record for the fastest T20I century. The century took him only 35 deliveries, shattering the previous record of 45 balls by his former team-mate Richard Levi

18.1 Mohammad Saifuddin to Miller, SIX, he tries the slower one but it's pretty full and Miller picks it. He waits and then swings his arms to send that sailing over wide long on again. That's the first six off Saifuddin in this innings

18.2 Mohammad Saifuddin to Miller, SIX, full and outside off, Miller picks the length early again, gets under it nicely and drives it inside-out over the covers, taking the fielder out of the equation for six more

18.3 Mohammad Saifuddin to Miller, SIX, make that three in a row! It's on his legs as he shuffles across a bit, another full delivery and Miller simply times the flick well and that's gone behind square on leg for six more

18.4 Mohammad Saifuddin to Miller, SIX, four out of four, what's happening here! SA are over 200 already! Another full delivery down leg, another way to get the legs out of the way and another flick that dispatches the ball over the long-leg boundary

18.5 Mohammad Saifuddin to Miller, SIX, those two fielders can keep staring and track the trajectory of the ball sail over them! Five in five. It's short this time, Miller is in the crease and pulls it over the leg side

18.6 Mohammad Saifuddin to Miller, 1 run, oh, Miller has driven that along the ground after going down on a knee. The disappointment shows on his face as soon as the ball goes off his bat. Saif bowled it full and wide and survived