Champions League Twenty20, 18th Match, Group B: Lions v Royal Challengers Bangalore at Johannesburg, Sep 21, 2010
Champions League Twenty20 - 18th match, Group B
Royal Challengers Bangalore won by 6 wickets (with 6 balls remaining)
21 September 2010 - day/night match (20-over match)

Kumble to de Bruyn, no run, slower through the air, looped up menacingly on middle and leg with a hint of drift. Played away cautiously to the leg side

Lions 100/4   Z de Bruyn 0* (1b)

Kohli to de Bruyn, 1 run, a bit of turn, comes in with the angle and straightens outside off, de Bruyn plays it to short third man for one


Kohli to de Bruyn, 1 run, over-pitched outside off and driven along the carpet to long off

Lions 109/4   Z de Bruyn 2* (3b)

Kumble to de Bruyn, no run, more loop outside off, de Bruyn drives it out to cover


Kumble to de Bruyn, no run, googly, comes in after landing, de Bruyn gets an inside edge out to midwicket


Kumble to de Bruyn, no run, the leggie this time, de Bruyn is picking nothing and plays it down back to Kumble


Kumble to de Bruyn, no run, full on middle and off, driven straight to cover.


Kumble to de Bruyn, no run, hurries him back with another skidder, de Bruyn keeps it out. No intention to score, they were seeing off Kumble's menace.

Lions 111/4   Z de Bruyn 2* (8b)

Kohli to de Bruyn, 1 run, length ball outside off, driven out without timing to wide mid off


Kohli to de Bruyn, 1 run, no timing for de Bruyn, another big flay that makes poor contact for a single to cover

Lions 119/4   Z de Bruyn 4* (10b)

Steyn to de Bruyn, 1 leg bye, fullish outside off, de Bruyn walks across and tries to work him to the leg side. Rapped on the pads, huge appeal, but he was outside the line. Leg bye taken.


Steyn to de Bruyn, 1 run, Praveen puts him down! de Bruyn backs away and looks to go straight over mid off. Steyn kept it full and straight, de Bruyn could not get under it and Praveen running across from mid off dived to his right and got two hands to it. Out she went.


Steyn to de Bruyn, 1 run, Whoa, what a yorker! de Bruyn will feel rather special for having managed to get bat on it. It was homing in on leg stump, he squeezed it out off the inside edge to short fine leg for one

Lions 126/4   Z de Bruyn 6* (13b)

du Preez to de Bruyn, 1 run, Pandey! Runs in from deep square leg and tumbles forward. He catches it, but it slips out, then it sticks in between a couple of fingers, and it is not clear as he lands if it was a clean catch or not. Third umpire says not out and fair call too. Smart slower ball that, induced the mishit


du Preez to de Bruyn, OUT, third good piece of fielding in three balls, this time it is Kohli, and de Bruyn is gone! He had to make something happen here, backed away to leg stump, du Preez gave him no room and he ended up spoining it straight up. Kohli ar long on took the swirler

Z de Bruyn c Kohli b du Preez 7 (19m 15b 0x4 0x6) SR: 46.66

Lions 128/5   Z de Bruyn 7 (15b)





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