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Playing in Global T20 Canada part of my rehab - Smith (3:28)
Here's why you should watch GT20 Canada. (1:18)
John Davison remembers his 17-wicket haul against USA in 2004 (4:16)
Peter Della Penna
430dPeter Della Penna

The painfully small margins in Associate cricket

Nepal has gained ODI status for the first time winning absolute nail-biters, but the teams that lost by such small margins also deserve a shot at more funding and better recognition

Peter Della Penna
451dPeter Della Penna

Cricket Canada announces ICC-approved T20 league

The proposed T20 league will have no cap on the number of overseas players in a starting XI and one of the six teams will be made entirely of West Indian overseas players

Peter Della Penna
459dPeter Della Penna in Windhoek

The Cardiac Kids from Nepal

Nepal have been the specialists of heart-stopping finishes in the WCL Division Two and their victory to seal a place in the World Cup Qualifier was a perfect example