Australia v England, 4th ODI, Adelaide January 26, 2011

Trott heroics keep England alive


England 8 for 299 (Trott 102, Prior 67, Hussey 4-21) beat Australia 7 for 278 (Watson 64, Trott 2-31) by 21 runs
Scorecard and ball-by-ball details

Jonathan Trott's calculating century ensured England stayed in the series with a 21-run victory that upset Australia's national holiday in Adelaide. The tourists began the game needing to win and the scenario won't change when they head to Brisbane for Sunday's fifth ODI, but they have been boosted by an end to four consecutive limited-overs losses.

Trott's perfectly timed 102 off 126 balls stood tall on a day that was meant to be a celebration of all things Australia, but the home supporters left unhappy as the series score-line in the seven-game contest settled at 3-1. Trott, bowling his steady medium pace, even managed the valuable breakthroughs of Cameron White (44) and David Hussey (28) to end the pair's rescue act.

England's 8 for 299, which was reduced slightly by effective slow bowling, was more than enough for Australia, especially when the dangerman Shane Watson fell for a bright 64. England's bowlers did not allow the batsmen to gain any rhythm on a sluggish pitch and were able to wait for the locals to make mistakes as they tried to force the pace.

The opener Brad Haddin burned brightly for 20 before chipping Chris Tremlett to cover and Shaun Marsh (1) was caught and bowled by James Anderson (2 for 57). Michael Clarke's run struggles continued when he was bowled on 15 by the frugal Paul Collingwood and the side was 4 for 116 when Watson aimed a big drive and was caught behind off Ajmal Shahzad. Steven Smith managed a personal best of 46 and Brett Lee registered 39 as the game wound down, with the pair seeing the side to 7 for 278.

While Trott's bowling was a bonus, his best work was undoubtedly done with the bat. His century built on Matt Prior's brutal 67 off 58 as the top order maintained a ferocious pace.

Trott backed up his 84 not out in Sydney on Sunday with a much more fluent contribution that drove England towards a formidable total. He unfurled a couple of delightful straight drives, including one off John Hastings to move to 85, and reached his century with a single to midwicket.

He didn't push on after the milestone and played-on to Hussey shortly after raising his bat, walking off with six boundaries and a long ovation. The only major discomfort he experienced before then came on 30 when he found himself at the same end as Prior after his defensive shot rolled on to the base of the stumps. Lee followed through but his wild throw back to the bowler's end was wide and Trott survived.

Collingwood, who launched Lee for six to midwicket in the Powerplay, and Michael Yardy provided some late muscle to ensure the big score. Collingwood passed 5000 ODI runs, the first England batsman to do so, during his run-a-ball 27 while Yardy grabbed an unbeaten 39 off 27. Hussey, the offspinner, was called late, knocking over Collingwood and then dismissing Shahzad in the final over.

Hussey, who sneaked 4 for 21 off four overs, and Smith (3 for 33 off seven) collected career-best figures as they restricted batsmen who had enjoyed the offerings of their faster team-mates. Xavier Doherty also enjoyed the conditions as he gave away 44 from his 10 overs.

Prior and Trott delivered the early pain to the Australians after the visitors won the toss. He and Trott put on 113 at almost a run a ball for the second wicket following the early loss of Andrew Strauss for 8. Prior wasted little time in getting going and his half-century came when he pulled Lee off the front foot for six, with England moving to 1 for 100 after 15 overs.

Smith, the legspinner, picked up Prior in his second over when he cut to point and had more success when Kevin Pietersen (12) chipped to long-on. Two balls later Ian Bell exited without scoring, leaving England stuttering at 4 for 158.

Australia's fast bowlers seemed in trouble from the moment Lee's first over went for 12, with him starting with five wides down the leg-side. Lee finished with 1 for 68 off eight while Bollinger also struggled at the start and finish, giving away 55 in nine. The generosity helped England ruin the hosts' party, but the visitors still require victory in the remaining three games to steal the trophy.

Peter English is the Australasia editor of ESPNcricinfo

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  • Andrew on January 28, 2011, 21:51 GMT

    @Geoff Curruthers - I agree re Clarke's captaincy, although I do beleive that Punter is a good ODI captain, I just wished (like many others), he would show more risk in his Test captaincy. I think when it comes to Tests, Punter may be more of a victim of back room politics i.e Nielsen. In the Ashes whilst the Poms bowled well by keeping the ball away from the leg stump 99% of the time (T Cooley take note!), there were plenty of balls particularly by Finn & Broad that were left alone wide of off stump. Leaving balls ahort outside off stump IS NOT the Oz way & I can only think it was a Nielsen strategy. May not of changed any results but I spose you can only dream hey!

  • Andrew on January 28, 2011, 21:46 GMT

    @Okakaboka - no doubt Pup is out of form. My comment is about the venom & the futility of the arguements. The venom cannot be about just his form particularly when White is one of the main "alternatives" put fwd yet his form is not great (albeit better than Clarke). The futility of it all is that 1) Great in theory to get some form in "Shield" but there is nothing doing domestically for another couple of weeks. 2) Clarke is already selected in the WC squad & is current Oz captain & should be supported by the Public - he does a mountain of work in his own tiome with kids etc. 3) Clarke generally has a good record in India (last Tests series wasn't good), & there is reasonable expectation he'll do well 4) He is regarded by most experts to be Oz best player of spin which will be handy given the small matter of the location of the WC! @Okakaboka - I think in all practicalities it is AFTER the W/Cup that his place in ODIs should be scrutinised & after Tests against SL for the Baggy Green!

  • Dummy4 on January 28, 2011, 18:31 GMT

    After years of putting up with Ponting's hangdog looks, poor field settings, and perceived lack of interest when things aren't going his way, we finally get a captain that shows a bit of enthusiasm and you lot want to get rid of him. As captain Clarke seems to be one of a select few who knows instinctively which reins to pull eg. his introduction of Smith and Hussey on Wednesday. He is a proactive captain whereas his predecessor didn't even have the nous to be reactive. My Border Collie could have captained the sides that Ponting has had in the past to just as many wins, and would have been a damn sight faster around the paddock. Sorry, but I'd rather have Clarke in there as captain averaging 20 than Ponting averaging 50, which given his form this season is highly unlikely anyway.

  • Hector on January 28, 2011, 13:20 GMT

    @Meety...No, it is NOT interstate rivalry about Clarke. Many of us see the deterioration in his technique, lack of footwork, angled bat and indecisiveness over the last 2 years. He appears to be getting worse and the negative criticism may very well be contributing to it. HE NEEDS A BREAK at Shield level. If he wasn't Captain/vice captain he would have been told to take a break by now. We are going to take him to the world cup with his confidence totally shattered. You might well be right in saying it is too late to drop him as HE IS going to the World Cup whether we like it or not. Somehow the current pattern needs to be broken. Let him miss 1 or 2 games. Finally, I haven't had anyone comment on why White was fielding in the deep in the last match. He is just about our best fieldsman...Why would Clarke/Dopey Nielson do this? The timing of taking the power plays is also dodgy and makes many of us question Clarke's captaincy....Or is it Nielson's call?

  • Craig on January 28, 2011, 12:45 GMT

    Can someone explain to me how Trott keeps getting away with obstructing the field? He constantly looks up at where the return is coming from and deliberately gets in the way of it (making his action willful). He even crossed to the opposite side of the pitch in one game to block an incoming return (also making his action willful). Under Law 37, where the key word is 'willful', his actions are illlegal. A batsman can hold their line while running and if the ball hits him then it is neither here nor there. But if the batsman deliberately changes his line to get in the way of the incoming return then that is obstructing the field. Trott does this continually and he also persists with taking too long to face up. The umpires should be doing something about these things. I also wish the Channel 9 commentators would stop saying a batsman can 'run where he wants' because that is NOT TRUE.

  • King on January 28, 2011, 10:21 GMT

    I never understand why it matters how someone gets wickets if they get wickets. Why is Steve Smith getting three wickets with "dross" worse than (insert name here) getting one wicket and bowling great? As long as he continues taking wickets, there is no problem.

  • Andrew on January 28, 2011, 9:38 GMT

    @SeaforthA1 - thank you - I was beginning to think I was the only sane person on this site (which obviously would mean I was in fact insane!). I said somewhere else that it must be interstate rivalry or something that is causing the venom directed at the players. I am a White fan - but honestly his current & past record is not very good - yet he is billed as the saviour of all things cricket in some peoples eyes - including being the "secret" captain when we win & the ignored/frustrated genius when Clarke LOSES a match. I do beleive there is plenty of talent though - but they are probably about 2 or 3 years away from amking a genuine claim. Can't beleive D Hussey has been touted as a captain (almost as bad as North being put fwd), he has chronically failed at International level - despite having impecable 1st class credentials. I am liking him more & more as a genuine spin option who can bat @ 7 or 8.

  • Andrew on January 28, 2011, 9:27 GMT

    @phoenixsteve - that is exactly what I think. I am ashamed about how fickle Oz fans are - I remember the 1980s, yeah we joked about being crap - but we gave our full support to the side. Everyone at the moment seems to want to just rip in & sack everyone which cause a much bigger problem then currently is. @landl47 - spot on re: Smith but you are way off the mark re: talent pool. It's huge. Talent is blooming everywhere - the only problem is that unlike anytime in my life time, the examination these young talents are getting is not as strong in the Shield. Have a look at what NSW are doing with their "Youth Policy". They already have about 6 players under or around 21 who have massive International potential. Other states need to follow suit but keep old hands to nuture them. I think any batsmen that has been worked over by Stuey Clark this year will know what Test cricket is about. It will take a year or 2 to get the balance right, hopefully Punter & Pup can pull their fingers out!

  • Robert on January 28, 2011, 7:04 GMT

    @ Dismayed. I am not kidding! To save me typing it out read @Piyush_Advani comments.He states exactly what I would in my defence. All the replacement batsmen you mentioned have either failed at the top level, inexperienced or never played in the sub-continent. To go in to the WC with an inexperienced side and possibly new captain (if Ponting not fit) is not smart. If possible I would happily wager that Clarke wont get dropped before the WC and will get a score before going to the WC.

  • Steve on January 28, 2011, 5:57 GMT

    I'm an England fan and one who knows that EVENTUALLY Michael Clark (and later Ricky Ponting) will come good and somebody will suffer! I just hope it's later rather than sooner and that England aren't at the sharp end! Aussie fans seem so fickle and it's amazing they can't remember how good MC was/is/will be? You'll see, captain Clark has a biggie coming....... Promise! COME ON ENGLAND!!!

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