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Adam Hollioake

Think You Know Yourself?

Adam comes up aces

Blows to the head while boxing have not impaired the former England allrounder's memory too much

Kieron Pollard nearly pulled off a spectacular catch on the edge of the boundary

Boundary catching's giant leap

There was a time when teams hid their least athletic fielders by the rope. Today, that part of the field witnesses circus-level acrobatics, for which players train in earnest

Jo Harman

Rikki Clarke bowls

Life in slow motion

How the slower delivery came to become an essential weapon in every seamer's armoury

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Australia news

Hollioake estimates debts at $22m

Adam Hollioake, the former England captain, has appeared in an Australian court over debts estimated at $22m after the collpase of his property company.

A cage-fighting England captain

Most cricketers take to golf after retirement. Adam Hollioake chose mixed martial arts, and came out alive and with a respectable draw, in his first professional fight