ICC World Twenty20, 20th Match, Group E: South Africa v New Zealand at Durban, Sep 19, 2007
ICC World Twenty20 - 20th match, Group E
South Africa won by 6 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
Played at Kingsmead, Durban
19 September 2007 (20-over match)

JA Morkel to Oram, no run, bouncer on the left shoulder and Oram ducks under


JA Morkel to Oram, no run, short in length, moving across Oram who defends to the off side. Good tight over this. Just one run so far.


JA Morkel to Oram, 1 run, Oram backs to the leg-side, Albie follows him with a short-of-length delivery at the body and Oram pushes it to right of backward point

New Zealand 92/4   JDP Oram 1* (3b)

Nel to Oram, no run, lovely delivery to start off the spell. Screaming through the zone outside off and Oram can't lay his bat on it


Nel to Oram, FOUR, Ah! Fab placement. It was really full and outside off, Oram bent towards the line and chopped it to right of backward point and he gets himself a boundary to the wide third man region.


Nel to Oram, no run, Nel responds with a bouncer. Over the middle and off, Oram sways away


Nel to Oram, no run, Another short-pitched delivery. Oram lets it fly past him.


Nel to Oram, 1 run, fuller, outside off stump, Oram clears the front foot by taking it outside leg stump and slices the ball over cover point

New Zealand 97/4   JDP Oram 6* (8b 1x4)

JA Morkel to Oram, 1 run, slower one, off short of length, tapped close towards backward point and they rush across for a quick single. de Villiers fires in a throw at the striker's end but he misses. Had he hit, McMillan would be back in the dug-out


JA Morkel to Oram, FOUR, short in length and outside the off stump, Oram slaps it past point. 100 up for NZ


JA Morkel to Oram, 1 run, full and angling away from Oram who again clears the front foot and drills it to long-off

New Zealand 104/4   JDP Oram 12* (11b 2x4)

Pollock to Oram, 1 run, yorker length, Oram digs it out one-handed and the ball rolls towards mid-off. McMillan on strike now.


Pollock to Oram, 1 run, yorker on the off stump, again Oram jabs it away one-handed and again towards mid-off for a single.


Pollock to Oram, 1 run, Meanwhile nothing has changed when Oram bats. Pollock pings the blockhole, Oram digs it out one-handed.

New Zealand 131/4   JDP Oram 15* (14b 2x4)

M Morkel to Oram, OUT, Timber! Oram backs away to the leg-side, the ball heads towards the middle stump and he couldn't connect with his swipe across the line. Gone.

JDP Oram b M Morkel 15 (17m 15b 2x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

New Zealand 131/5   JDP Oram 15 (15b 2x4)





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