ICC World Twenty20, 24th Match, Group E: South Africa v India at Durban, Sep 20, 2007
ICC World Twenty20 - 24th match, Group E
India won by 37 runs
Played at Kingsmead, Durban
20 September 2007 - night match (20-over match)

Pollock to Gambhir, no run, short of a good length, on the off stump, coming in a touch after pitching, that one goes right through Gautam Gambhir, who defends awkwardly. Appeal for something but it's too high for the lbw and didn't hit bat.


Pollock to Gambhir, no run, fullish and just slipping down leg, Gambhir shapes to flick and misses, off the pads to the leg side


Pollock to Gambhir, 2 runs, once again a touch too straight, hint of swing here for Pollock, Gambhir gets across his stumps and flicks the ball away through square-leg and India are off the mark


Pollock to Gambhir, no run, short of a good length and on the off, defended town towards the off side with an angled bat


Pollock to Gambhir, 1 run, too full once again and slipping down leg but once again Pollock gets away with it as Gambhir flicks and misses. Hit on the pads.

India 3/0   G Gambhir 3* (5b)

Ntini to Gambhir, 1 wide, back of a length, outside the off, slanting away from the left-handed Gambhir, the ball goes away further after pitching and is easily called a wide


Ntini to Gambhir, no run, back of a length once more and pitching on off and middle, Gambhir is forced to play at it but the ball goes away with the angle and beats the bat


Ntini to Gambhir, no run, short of a length and outside the off once more - that's going to be the length for the moment - defended down to the off side


Ntini to Gambhir, FOUR, too full, on the pads, Ntini overcompensating here, that's just too straight and Gambhir can walk across his stumps and just tickle the ball down to the fine-leg boundary


Ntini to Gambhir, no run, short of a length and outside the off, this one is slanting well away and Gambhir can leave it alone to the keeper


Ntini to Gambhir, no run


Ntini to Gambhir, FOUR, outside the off and fairly full, Gambhir has time to move across and time the ball through point for a boundary. That should relieve some of the pressure that is building steadily here.

India 12/0   G Gambhir 11* (11b 2x4)

Pollock to Gambhir, no run, overpitched and just outside the off. Gambhir tries to hit it really hard through cover but the placement isn't quite there


Pollock to Gambhir, FOUR, back of a good length and outside the off. Gambhir takes a massive swipe across the line at this one. It's a thick outside edge and the ball goes past the lone slip fielder down to third-man


Pollock to Gambhir, no run, short of a good length and close to the off stump, a bit of pace on that one. Left alone to the keeper

India 19/0   G Gambhir 15* (14b 3x4)

Ntini to Gambhir, 2 runs, short one dug in, it's the first we've seen so far, Gambhir goes for the pull. He's very late on the shot and the ball goes high rather than far. Vernon Philander goes for the ball but doesn't even get close at midwicket


Ntini to Gambhir, no run, fullish and on the off, better length that, Gambhir tries to play to off, squared up a touch, off the edge towards cover


Ntini to Gambhir, 1 wide, this one is well down the leg side and Gambhir leaves it well alone for the umpire to call it a wide


Ntini to Gambhir, 1 run, overpitched and on the leg stump, Gambhir flicks well but can't beat the diving fielder at short fine-leg

India 28/0   G Gambhir 18* (17b 3x4)

Pollock to Gambhir, 1 run, short of a length and outside the off stump, Gambhir slashes that down wide of third-man for a single


Pollock to Gambhir, OUT, Gone! India lose their first one. It's Gambhir who falls. He comes down the pitch and tries to heave the ball over the on side. He can't quite get hold of it and the ball goes up in the air. This time the fielder calls it - it's Graeme Smith - and settles under a catch at mid-off after running a few yards.

G Gambhir c Smith b Pollock 19 (19m 19b 3x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

India 32/1   G Gambhir 19 (19b 3x4)





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