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The year we grew up

Feb 7, 2015: Being at India's first World Cup win and watching the uninhibited celebrations that followed was an unforgettable experience for an 18-year-old

Rajdeep Sardesai

'1983 was the biggest disappointment of my career'

Jan 29, 2015: Small chases are always tricky - even for two-time world champions against a team of no-hopers, as Joel Garner found out

Tony Cozier

World Cup No. 3: the big story

The summer it all changed

Nov 28, 2014: The 1983 World Cup was a journey of self-discovery not just for India, but for a sportswriter whose career gamble was vindicated after the final

Ayaz Memon

Men of the Finals

The joker in the pack

Nov 26, 2014: Unassuming, undemonstrative Jimmy turned the 1983 semi-final and final India's way


The big upset

Nov 1, 2014: No one, including the Indians, thought India would beat West Indies to the title

My First World Cup

The sightseers who won a world title

Jan 8, 2014: India's 1983 World Cup squad was more keen to take in the sights of London than worry about facing Marshall and Co

No. 17

Kapil gets Viv

Apr 12, 2009: The catch that made India's World Cup win possible

Kamran Abbasi

No. 16

Greenidge loses his off stump

Apr 5, 2009: The third World Cup final: Sandhu lands the punch that makes the knockout possible

Soumya Bhattacharya

World Cup 1983: 25 years on

That catch, that inswinger

Jun 25, 2008: Kapil picks up Viv, Sandhu deceives Greendige... and other key moments that turned the 1983 World Cup final India's way

Jamie Alter

World Cup 1983: 25 years on

The year everything changed

Jun 25, 2008: The win that transformed Indian cricket sending it on an upswing that lasts to this day

Suresh Menon

World Cup 1983: 25 years on

Eighty-three once more

Jun 24, 2008: A look back at the magical, surreal summer that ended with Kapil Dev raising aloft the World Cup

Ayaz Memon

Watching, hoping, praying

Apr 1, 2007: When a nation came together to view a miracle

Mukul Kesavan

Great Moments

Kapil's magic grab

Mar 6, 2007: How a running catch changed a World Cup final, and possibly even the game

Sambit Bal

Top Performances

Mohinder ambles to glory

Feb 24, 2007: Amiable, apologetic, lazy, relaxed - Mohinder Amarnath was all of those, yet put in a Man-of-the-Match performance in the 1983 World Cup final

Jayaditya Gupta

The 1983 World Cup in England

India stun the world

Oct 25, 2006: How the rank outsiders who had won only one match in their previous two World Cups dethroned the mightiest outfit of the day on the biggest stage

An icon 17 years ago, a marked man now

Jun 25, 2000: Exactly 17 years to the date, at around midnight I was rudely woken up by excited relatives screaming 'We have won the World Cup'

S Jagadish

Lord's 1983 - 17 years later

Jun 25, 2000: After recalling one of the most deplorable chapters in Indian cricket only yesterday, I am happy to go down memory lane again today and cover a much more pleasant episode

Partab Ramchand

India v West Indies, Lord's, 1983 World Cup final

India defy the odds

1984: India defeated on merit the firm favourites, winning a low-scoring match by 43 runs


Amarnath ambles to glory

Amiable, apologetic, lazy, relaxed Mohinder Amarnath put in a Man-of-the-Match performance in the 1983 World Cup final

Jayaditya Gupta
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