ICC World Cricket League Division Four, 2010 / Scorecard

ICC World Cricket League Division Four

Argentina v Cayman Islands

Match abandoned without a ball bowled

Argentina squad
AL Casime, AG Dugmore, A Ferguson, P Ferguson, D Forrester, T Francis, C Gibson, DM Lord, EA MacDermott*, LM Paterlini, MJ Paterlini, PM Ryan, GJ Savage, RM Siri
Cayman Islands squad
KF Bazil, PI Best, RD Bovell, MO Bryan, P Chin, KR Ebanks, Ronald Ebanks, A Hoilett, J Linton, SA Mohamed*, A Morris, RN Roach, RA Sealy, C Wright
Match details
Toss No toss
Umpires IJ Gould (England) and RP Smith (Ireland)
Match referee DT Jukes (England)
Reserve umpire S Ketipe
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Tournament Results
Argentina v Cayman Is at Navile - Aug 21, 2010
Cayman Is won by 7 wickets (with 123 balls remaining)
Italy v U.S.A. at Pianoro - Aug 21, 2010
U.S.A. won by 8 wickets (with 170 balls remaining)
Nepal v Tanzania at Medicina - Aug 21, 2010
Nepal won by 10 wickets (with 225 balls remaining)
Argentina v U.S.A. at Pianoro - Aug 20, 2010
U.S.A. won by 196 runs
Cayman Is v Nepal at Medicina - Aug 20, 2010
Nepal won by 7 wickets (with 196 balls remaining)
Italy v Tanzania at Navile - Aug 20, 2010
Italy won by 167 runs
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