West Indies v Pakistan, 1st Test, Kingston, 5th day April 25, 2017

Pacers, Yasir spur Pakistan to victory


Pakistan 407 (Misbah 99, Babar 72, Younis 58, Joseph 3-71, Gabriel 3-92) and 36 for 3 beat West Indies 286 (Chase 63, Holder 57*, Dowrich 56, Amir 6-44) and 152 (Powell 49, Yasir 6-63) by seven wickets
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'Not getting off to good starts' - Holder

Pakistan took a giant stride towards winning their first-ever Test series in the Caribbean, after an efficient bowling performance helped ease to seven-wicket win in Kingston. After Yasir Shah's six-for in the second innings left Pakistan chasing 32, Misbah-ul-Haq, who walked in at the fall of Younis Khan's wicket with the side needing eight, hit two successive sixes to complete the formalities.

Pakistan, emboldened by pushing West Indies to a tight corner last evening, spent the morning session closing in. They picked up six wickets for 59 as West Indies, resuming 93 for 4, were bowled out for 152.

Misbah was in no mood to experiment, getting his two best bowlers - Mohammad Amir and Yasir Shah - into the attack straight away. At perhaps no stage of the Test did a wicket look as imminent as it did in the first 10 overs. Amir tormented nightwatchman Devendra Bishoo with an unwavering line outside off stump. Or perhaps it was the other way round, as Bishoo kept missing, somehow managing to keep his outside edge from making contact with the ball.

Lesser bowlers - or indeed, Amir with lower levels of confidence - may have been frustrated, but Amir kept plugging away, and was duly rewarded. Vishaul Singh had just cut a rare poor Amir delivery away for four, but the bowler's comeback was destructive. He went slightly wide of the crease to the left-hander, the ball shaping in sharply from the moment it pitched, destination: top of off. Singh, who had seen Amir move the ball the other way all morning, shouldered arms, and was every bit as much a spectator as everyone else when the off stump cartwheeled.

Yasir Shah's ninth five-for hastened West Indies' collapse © AFP

Yasir was menacing from the other end, getting sharp turn off what was beginning to look like a standard day-five pitch, but it was Mohamamd Abbas who struck the next damaging blows with two wickets off three balls. Bishoo was the first to go, flashing at a short and wide delivery with Younis Khan pouching it in the slips. Two balls later, Shane Dowrich played across a straight ball that struck his pads in front of middle stump.

Wahab, who has had a slightly disappointing Test with the ball, then got into the act, removing Jason Holder, West Indies' highest scorer in the first innings. Yasir came in to clean up the lower order, just like he had the top order, removing Alzarri Joseph and Shannon Gabriel within four balls of each other to take six wickets this Test match, bolstering his ever-burgeoning credentials as a lethal second-innings bowler. This was the fifth time two Pakistan bowlers had taken six wickets in a Test innings of a Test, and the first since 2002.

The chase of 32 was one perhaps not even Pakistan could stuff up, but they can't be accused of not trying to make things interesting. Ahmed Shehzad tentatively pushed at the Gabriel delivery outside off stump for a simple catch to the wicketkeeper in the third over. Three balls later, Azhar Ali was making the walk back, having made a mess of trying to leave a ball from Joseph, only to somehow end up dragging it onto his stumps.

After lunch, Younis fell trying to work Bishoo to the leg side with the side two boundaries away. But Misbah needed just three balls to put West Indies out of their misery. Thirty six for three may not look too clinical, but, as is so often the case, their bowlers had left the batsmen ample room for error.

Danyal Rasool is a sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo. @Danny61000

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  • mngc1 on April 28, 2017, 23:56 GMT

    @METMAN. More rants from you. There were no speed guns in Griffith's days so how do you know that he did not achieve 90 MPH? So assuming he did not, it is OK for you to compare Holder to Gabriel using batting stats (conveniently not wickets taken in the same number of innings) but object to me using Griffith to Gabriel because he was slower. So I shall end my responses to your crazy rants that make no sense (extrapolating into years in the future is just 1 example) until such time you can really PROVE why 0.4 sec in a total elapsed time of 0.5 sec (80 % of available time) or 1.0 sec (40 % of available time) is negligible.

  • Metman on April 28, 2017, 23:26 GMT

    Wayne Daniel played 10 tests for the WI in 8 years,took 36 wickets @25.27 with 1 four wicket haul and 1 five wicket haul.....SR of 48.37 and an econ. rate of 3.11 Pedro Collins played 32 tests took 106 wkts @34.67 and had 7 four fors,and 3 five fors. Corey Collymore 30 tests...93wkts @32.30 with three ( 4s ) four ( 5s ) and one 10 wkt .haul. Keith Boyce played 5 years ( SAME AS GABRIEL ) as a FAST BOWLING ALL ROUNDER and in 21 TESTS took 60 wkts average 30.01 ,had 3 four wkt. hauls 2 five fors and 1 ten for.Those stats are just btw as someone said that Gabriel is a MUCH improved bowler after bowling fast for 5 years with NOTHING to show. Charlie Griffith ( a bigger man,but light on his feet ) played 28 tests took 94 wkts av. 28.54 with 2 four fors and 5 five fors I wonder at what age would it take Gabriel ( a big man too,but clearly heavy on his feet ) to get 5 five fors IF( your pet word (MNGC1 ) he takes 5 years to get one ?....over to you MNGC1...no FABRICATIONS.. please.

  • TriniMon on April 28, 2017, 20:28 GMT

    OH boy, METMAN, is COMING hard TODAY. Read your comment again "Don't you know that ANYBODY could ALSO say that IF those that took the catches off his bowling HAD DROPPED them that his figures would have beena lot WORST" So you're saying Gabriel isn't a good bowler because those catches that were caught could've been dropped? You do know that catches are supposed to be taken, and not dropped right? It's 2017, man. How do you not know this? So is Steyn, Broad, Starc, Radaba, etc not good bowlers because their catches could've been dropped and make their stats worse? These bowlers have excellent keepers (Wade not so much) and fielders in their teams, so most of their catches are taken. Between the last Pakistan series and this match, Gabriel has had at least 6 catches dropped of his bowling. Catches that should be taken, not dropped. Someone ain't making sense here, and it for sure isn't me, MNGC1, Swarzi, or WHNS.

  • Metman on April 28, 2017, 12:50 GMT

    @MNGC1...and I said THE first bowler CLOCKED AT 90mph....Charlie Griffith WAS NOT CLOCKED at 90mph and what I said about Kraigg NOT being the batsman that has the slowest SR in ODI history and what I said about Holder ARE ALSO found in Cricinfo stats too where ANYBODY can check for themselves You forgot that YOU were the one who OPENED this WORLD RECORD thing and ONLY mentioning two records in the TEAM as though they were the ONLY two. Obviously in my haste to exposed you I omitted Kraigg feat was achieved in BOTH innings which is even BETTER and which EVERY BODY KNOWS.. but you obviously wanted to claim that not knowing that to claim someone else's own is an offense.

  • Cricinfouser on April 28, 2017, 9:47 GMT

    I would not blame kraigg for wi poor batting. he does not fail that often. now that the chips are down and the team spirit is weak he is nowhere to his normal. himself along with powell, dowrich , gabriel, Joseph and chase has been trying to compete. but remember the pakistan team is not easy to beat with only a few wi players are performing or trying to perform

  • swarzi on April 28, 2017, 8:47 GMT

    Kraigg Brathwaite, please pay attention to this Jason Holder interview! His first sentence was designed to blame you particularly, for the loss: "...we were not able to get off to a good start...'Kraigg' [blah blah blah]..." It all has to do with the pressure that the rest of the Caribbean is now putting on Courtney Browne to appoint you captain of the team now! So, Mr Holder starts to attack Kraigg negatively in very subtle ways, as in this interview. But if Kraigg fails in a match (which isn't often) there are 10 other batsmen to pick up the slack. So if Mr Holder comes up with one of his inconsistent good scores in this match, why is he gloating about Kraigg's failure? His average before this match (which is still grossly unsatisfactory) is apt evidence for him to know why we keep asking, "What is his allrounder player role about"? Because his bowling is horrendously toothless! Don't talk about his inept captaincy! While Kraigg remains the only player of acceptable int'l quality.

  • mngc1 on April 28, 2017, 6:35 GMT

    @METMAN. That comment about IF is as dumb as it can get and exposes your twisted sense of logic. It is clear now why you said that 0.4 sec is negligible in a total elapsed time of 0.5 sec. Yet you ask how I cannot understand? It also explains your fabrications on world records whereas what I said about Holder can be found in Wikipedia under his name. What I said about Kraigg is in Cricinfo stats. What I said about Hope has some degree of conjecture because he would have been dropped from any other team except one where Browne is the selector but does not take away from the fact that he is a very bad keeper with a poor test average. FABRICATIONS 1. Kraigg is not the only opener that batted through an innings. There are about 60 including Haynes (3), Worrell, Gayle. 2. Wayne Daniel took one 5 wicket haul in 8 years. 3. Charlie Griffith 0 for 169. I wouldn't bother looking any further.

  • Metman on April 27, 2017, 23:10 GMT

    @MNGC1..".His figures would look a lot better IF Dowrich and Hope were good keepers"....and I keep on telling you NOT to IF AFTER the FACT. Don't you know that ANYBODY could ALSO say that IF those that took the catches off his bowling HAD DROPPED them that his figures would have beena lot WORST ? Big man this is the year 2017 and you still DO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT ?...

  • Metman on April 27, 2017, 22:59 GMT

    @SWARZI....and I will take 2 marks off your next comment as you FAILED to identify that Hetmyer and Singh were DEBUTANTS and were therefore LINKED together while Hope has Test EXPERIENCE and would have linked with Powell,and Chase in this team. @mngc1....Hope IS NOT the wicket keeper in TEST cricket...BUT how come YOU now have a voice on ODI cricket when you conspicuously absented yourself from comments when the WI chased down 309 and WON UNDER HOLDERS' CAPTAINCY ?. ...those STUNTS didn't go unnoticed......BUT you need not fear for there will ALWAYS be HOPE for RAMDIN. @WNHS.....and can you tell me what is Gabriels' OTHER job ? Holder is there to captain,to bowl and to bat and I said Gabriel IS ONLY IN THE TEAM TO BOWL FAST ..it says NOTHING about his taking wickets ,dropped catches and the like...if you still don't understand he is only there to bowl fast in order to take wickets...he can't take them by bowling spin.

  • Metman on April 27, 2017, 22:33 GMT

    ....and since you are into WORLD RECORDS here are a few more...Gabriel...the ONLY bowler in the HISTORY of TEST cricket....and I am comparing apples with apples and not fish with rodents...that ONLY has ONE FIVE WICKET HAUL after playing TEST CRICKET FOR 5 YEARS....big man daiz a WORLD RECORD too. Holder a batsman and a bowler..(.YOU and others say he is not an all rounder ) is the ONLY player in the WORLD batting at @8 with a century,5 fifties and a FIVE for with his bowling just like Gabriel that has a HIGHER batting average than 4 of the first 7 batsmen in the TEAM...a WORLD RECORD...so your rhetoric is just what it is ...SHEER RHETORIC laced with FABRICATIONS.

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