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We don't want to peak too early

An irony-free Richie Richardson after West Indies crashed to a nine-wicket defeat against England in a match that barely lasted 50 overs.

Feb 9, 2015 Tweet | Share

A big boy needs a big bat

Chris Gayle contributes to the debate about modern bat sizes

Feb 5, 2015 Tweet | Share

I am trying to understand what's happening but I can't

Michael Holding admits Chris Gayle's approach in the first ODI baffled him

Jan 16, 2015 Tweet | Share

I have seen a lot of ads about protea fire. I guess Cape Town will be blazing tomorrow but with a maroon flame.

Darren Sammy has a dig at South African cricket's marketing campaign

Jan 8, 2015 Tweet | Share

You can see the front line, it does not move, put your foot on it.

No-balls really do annoy Michael Holding

Dec 26, 2014 Tweet | Share

First of all, I should get into the XI.

Darren Sammy, when asked if he would like to bat higher during the ODIs against India

Oct 2, 2014 Tweet | Share

If it's a Test match, you won't see Kieron there - he won't be playing.

Mitchell Starc gets cheeky when asked if he plans to resume hostilities with the West Indian batsman

Jun 5, 2014 Tweet | Share

I guess the Almighty wants them to leave on a high... Probably that's why God put a hand in this match.

West Indies captain Darren Sammy believes divine intervention ensured Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara, playing the last World Twenty20, make it to the final

Apr 4, 2014 Tweet | Share

Probably, if we win this tournament, I won't be Test captain.

Darren Sammy, when reminded that he had lost the West Indies ODI captaincy to Dwayne Bravo a few months after winning the 2012 World T20

Apr 2, 2014 Tweet | Share

I have always felt that the art of winning is almost harder than the art of losing.

West Indies' frenzied celebrations in victory didn't impress the losing captain, Australia's George Bailey

Mar 29, 2014 Tweet | Share

I am not Jesus Christ! I don't know what's going on in his mind.

West Indies captain Darren Sammy says he cannot divine what Chris Gayle is thinking at any given moment

Mar 23, 2014 Tweet | Share

In my playing days the ice was kept for the beers.

Michael Holding, the former West Indies fast bowler and commentator, isn't a fan of modern post-match fitness routines

Feb 21, 2014 Tweet | Share

I think we looked drunk during the Test series

Former captain Clive Lloyd when asked if West Indies had a T20 hangover through the 0-2 Test defeat to India

Nov 19, 2013 Tweet | Share

The way I saw it we should go back into the finals and meet India and then it would be perfect, we would just play a T20 and finish off the tournament, we are the T20 champions. It never happened.

Marlon Samuels on what might have happened in the Champions Trophy if West Indies had beaten South Africa

Jun 28, 2013 Tweet | Share

I gave the chewing gum such a workout I am disappointed that no one approached me for advertising. I did the chewing gum a world of good, it was like my little brother.

Viv Richards talks about his batting partner

May 10, 2013 Tweet | Share

This is champagne. That's just soft drink.

Former West Indies quick Michael Holding makes a comparison between the cash-rich IPL and the upcoming Caribbean Premier League

May 5, 2013 Tweet | Share

I'm jealous of my parents. I'll never have a kid as cool as theirs.

The inimitable Chris Gayle

Mar 14, 2013 Tweet | Share

I actually dreamt last night that I made 94. Hopefully, for the next game I will dream about making 194.

West Indies batsman Stafanie Taylor after scoring 171 against Sri Lanka in the Women's World Cup

Feb 3, 2013 Tweet | Share

Once I cross the ropes and get onto the field, it's war.

Cricket is serious business for Marlon Samuels

Oct 16, 2012 Tweet | Share

I am sure they will need a lot of bartenders out there tonight.

West Indies will party hard after their World Twenty20 triumph, and Darren Sammy knows it

Oct 7, 2012 Tweet | Share

Sorry Sri Lanka, it's West Indies all the way

Chris Gayle conveys his commiserations to the hosts in advance, after taking his team to the World T20 final

Oct 5, 2012 Tweet | Share

I am going to spend it with the West Indian women's team.

Chris Gayle, who turns 33 on Friday, reveals his birthday plans

Sep 21, 2012 Tweet | Share

I've spent the last 27 years trying to forget that series

Ken Rutherford on facing Holding & Co in 1985 (The then-19-year-old made 12 runs in seven innings, facing 72 balls in four tests.)

Jul 24, 2012 Tweet | Share

I can tell you I have no more tears

Clive Lloyd is tired of lamenting the state of West Indies cricket

Jul 7, 2012 Tweet | Share

If people call you a 'Ferrari without a steering wheel', at least you are a Ferrari. That means you are quality. They are not calling you a Toyota Prius

Tino Best, on how former England fast bowler Devon Malcolm told him to deal with being called a 'Ferrari without a steering wheel'

Jun 11, 2012 Tweet | Share

Onions? Well, he has a few things to say. Give me back Jimmy Anderson. I don't like Onions. I don't use it in my food.

Marlon Samuels' wasn't so impressed with Graham Onions' sledging

Jun 9, 2012 Tweet | Share

Shut up. I'm going to get back-to-back hundreds

Marlon Samuels gave some back to England's fielders, who had a word or two with him during his innings at Trent Bridge.

May 30, 2012 Tweet | Share

At one point I didn't know which was my back foot and which was my front foot

Ramnaresh Sarwan reveals how the West Indies coaching set-up affected his game negatively

May 22, 2012 Tweet | Share

Ravi just had a stiff neck from sleeping badly; probably staying up too late or playing Playstation

Ottis Gibson has a few theories as to why Ravi Rampaul has a sore neck

May 15, 2012 Tweet | Share

I don't see anyone with a hairstyle that is similar to mine.

Andre Russell on what sets him apart from the rest in the IPL

May 14, 2012 Tweet | Share

I sleep the whole day after breakfast to get in shape for the game.

Chris Gayle, with 572 runs and 43 sixes from 11 innings this IPL season, jokes about his pre-match preparation routine

May 12, 2012 Tweet | Share

If we can take this Lord's Test to four days, that will be great.

Ottis Gibson hopes West Indies will last longer than they did the last time at Lord's (two and a half days)

May 3, 2012 Tweet | Share

Well, this will be your last Test.

Darren Sammy responds to Ricky Ponting's comment that Chris Gayle should be West Indies' captain, during a bit of on-field banter at the Dominica Test

Apr 27, 2012 Tweet | Share

Those who are questioning my action are evil ... If I was hit into the galleries, my action would never have been questioned.

Marlon Samuels, the West Indies and Pune Warriors allrounder, doesn't mince words when he says people have their agendas

Apr 20, 2012 Tweet | Share

Actually, I was named after you

Sunil Narine gives Sunil Gavaskar a pleasant surprise, when told, "your dad named you well"

Apr 15, 2012 Tweet | Share

I'm waiting on clearance from bcci to play in the 4th Test against Australia

Chris Gayle volunteers on Twitter to revive India's fortunes down under

Jan 16, 2012 Tweet | Share

Whatever you tell No. 10 or No. 11, they always do what they want to do.

Virender Sehwag about Varun Aaron and Umesh Yadav's batting in the tense chase in Cuttack, but he could well have been echoing the thoughts of his own batting coaches

Nov 29, 2011 Tweet | Share

Win or draw, win or draw.

Kirk Edwards' chant from cover, as the Mumbai Test headed for a tight finish

Nov 26, 2011 Tweet | Share

Courtney found it a little more difficult than me, but trust me Test centuries are not easy to get.

Sanjay Manjrekar ribs co-presenter Courtney Walsh while discussing Sachin Tendulkar's wait for a 100th century

Nov 9, 2011 Tweet | Share

Against this Indian batting line-up, you probably need to play seven bowlers

If five bowlers can't finish the job, maybe seven can, reckons Ottis Gibson, the West Indies coach

Nov 4, 2011 Tweet | Share

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