WICB Regional 4-Day tournament 2016-17 April 24, 2017

Last-placed Leeward end season with win over champions Guyana

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File photo - Rahkeem Cornwall had match returns of 9 for 136 © WICB

Leeward Islands ended their Regional 4-Day tournament campaign with a ten-wicket win over Guyana, a result that had no impact on the teams' standings at either end of the points table. While Guyana had sealed the title in the last round, with a game to spare, Leeward ended the tournament in last place with three wins in ten games.

Rahkeem Cornwall led his side from the front, with a match haul of 9 for 136. His 6 for 68 in the first innings had skittled Guyana out for 187, with wickets falling in clusters. Leeward then overcame a slump - they went from 115 for 1 to 140 for 6 in 13 overs - to take a 119-run first-innings lead. Opener Montcin Hodge's 70 anchored the early part of the innings before Jacques Taylor shepherded the lower order with a 160-ball 72. Raymon Reifer had triggered Leeward's batting slump with the wickets of Keacy Carty and Hodge, and he finished with returns of 6 for 74.

Guyana's batting struggled for the second time in the game, and they ended up being dismissed for 143. The top score in their innings came from Chandrapaul Hemraj (29), even as Cornwall added three wickets to his match tally and fast bowler Gavin Tonge had returns of 3 for 33. Leeward then needed only 55 balls to achieve the target of 25.

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  • CHRISTianman1 on April 27, 2017, 17:31 GMT

    Excuses, excuses, excuses. Since the days of Richards, Richardson, Roberts, Ambrose and perhaps Jacobs, LI haven't produced a regular in the WI Test lineup. This would roughly be a decade and a half. And as poor as the WI have been, this is truly sad. Year after year, the Leewards are a bottom tier team. When was the last time they won a championship if ever? Please don't blame a biased selection policy for your inability to place players in the WI lineup. Joseph looks a good prospect. Let's hope he continues to get wickets, improve and stay fit. Barbados produces quality cricketers more so than the other territories because of it's storied traditions coupled with a sound cricket infrastructure. Criticize Bajans as much as you wish but that won't change a thing. As for Guyana being thrice champions, the major reason this is so is due to the presence of a BAJAN in their team. Twice he has denied the Bimmers victory in matches which if they had won outright, would've made them champs.

  • alonsoe on April 26, 2017, 14:04 GMT

    @ MET. Not giving excuses I am just saying what is the reality. When I mention LI team based in St. Kitts, I am taking about the team not about the admin. E.g. when the team plays a practice game against St.Kitts team there is little to gain as oppose to playing against Antigua. One of the thing that set back L.I. cricket was when the WIBC decided to the end the situation where Antigua was on its own for a few seasons. I remember well that Barbados had not lost a limited over match for two + years until Antigua beat them. That was incidentally the last year Antigua played on its own. I know that situation enhance the whole Leewards as all the teams had to fight more and take more responsibility for their individual structure. At that time Antigua was even trying to go on its own in the 4 day. I still believe that W.I. team has been the big loser for turning back that policy. The money just to put on L.I. tournament with eight countries is prohibitive. Barbados is on one land.

  • Metman on April 26, 2017, 11:25 GMT

    @ALONSOE.......don't understand all the excuses.Leeward Islands have been in the doldrums for years now and why Antigua and not St.Kitts ? ....the Headquarters of WI cricket is in Antigua ...then why Antigua and not Barbados ? ....and when you had those great players ( Ambrose excluded because he was in a different era),Barbados had greater players and better reserves as only Richards ,Roberts and Richardson were regulars in the WI team then. The Leewards definitely have a very good team now and would be anxious to see how they would perform at full strength against other full strength teams when the West Indies are not playing. ....and are you saying that the team or teams are not picked on merit ? and changing the Admin. structure is not going to make the team win....performances ON THE FIELD WILL. This team is an inexperienced team and the EXPERIENCED team in the past were the ones that brought us to rock bottom status.

  • alonsoe on April 26, 2017, 5:36 GMT

    @Metman. There is always going to be difficulty in the Leewards actually winning four day championships for a lot of reasons. With the set up of the regional tournament, time of year, structure of the L.I (Caricom,Dutch, French and English dependencies), even the fact the WIBC see it fit to have the team based in St.Kitts as oppose to Antigua. Cricket in St.Kitts ( as oppose to even Nevis) ranks well below 4 other sports. Then there is the issue or non issue of St. Martin, BVI. USVI and Montserrat's special situation. Note that even when we had great players, Viv, Richie, Roberts, Ambi, Benjie(s), Jacobs, Harris, Baptists, Allen, we still did not win many 4 day championships. But note that our players are seldom slackers on the W.I. team. So from a West Indies point of view it is little consequence who wins the regional point dot points tournament. What we need to do is to truly pick the team on merit and find a winning admin structure for the regional team.

  • Zero4Zero on April 25, 2017, 19:08 GMT

    Only WI cricket. Go figure!

  • Metman on April 25, 2017, 18:30 GMT

    The team that finished FIRST won the championship despite being beaten by the team that finished LAST.....the team that finished LAST beat the team that finished FIRST but still finished LAST.....and people like alonsoe elated jack Gavin Tonge ...good only when BATSMEN are missing...was even dropped from the Leewards when BATSMEN were playing...even a wanna be cricket comments person like trinimon would say aye.. although not knowing the meaning of the word...a yes man to the bone.

  • TriniMon on April 25, 2017, 16:39 GMT

    @Alonsoe: Completely agree with you. LWI has a lot of positives, another being the consistency young Carty has achieved late in the season after a poor start. LWI are actually one of the most improved teams, considering how badly they used to lose each and every match they played. Now they can fight for draws or pull a few surprises as they did this season. It's always been said that a strong LWI team makes a strong WI team, so it will be interesting to see how LWI goes in the upcoming seasons and how that reflects onto WI. PS, don't ask Metman to give anything. His stats are usually as wrong as his posts and uneducated opinions. Piece of advice, just don't read anything he has to say.

  • alonsoe on April 24, 2017, 22:44 GMT

    @ Christiamani: not to worry. There is only one champion and that is Guyana. If the other countries going float their boats with whatever point dot points they got... good for them. But the Leewards know the rest of the West Indies need us. Alzarri Joseph looked a class above the other bowlers so far in this test match and Powell so far is the most resilient at the top of the order when the ball was all over the place. Hamilton, Hodge and Cornwall are not far away. Over the past 10 years it is amazing the amount of fast bowlers that have been picked ahead of Gavin Tonge for the West Indies. People like Metman can give you the comparative stats. Congrats to Guyana but I don't consider more or less woe for the Leewards. They beat the champions twice; can not remember any other team beating Guyana even once this season.

  • ShekarRamlal86 on April 24, 2017, 18:02 GMT

    CHRISTIANMAN1 the positives would be 1.the continued improvement of Hamilton as a wicketkeeper batsman 2.the continued development of Cornwall as an allrounder 3.the return of Chesney Hughes to the Leeward fold (although he didn't have a great season) 4.the selection of Powell back into the WI fold which can give him the platform to relaunch his international career should he find early success

  • CHRISTianman1 on April 24, 2017, 12:49 GMT

    Too little to late. Another season of woe for the men from the LI despite a few bright sparks. What happens next?

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