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Vic Marks

Tony Cozier interviews Clive Lloyd

Tony Cozier 1940-2016

Master of all trades

To watch Tony Cozier at work at a Test match was an education. He would move from the TV commentary box to the press room to the radio box, never hurried, yet never stopping

Wisden Obituary

Winston Anthony Lloyd Cozier

Colleagues were in awe of his ability to switch seamlessly from radio, which requires words above all, to TV, which values a certain amount of silence

Tony Cozier interviews Clive Lloyd

What Cozier meant to me

When you thought of West Indies cricket in the 1980s, his name was up there with those of Lloyd, Roberts, Marshall, Holding and the rest

Commentator Tony Cozier at Old Trafford

My mentor Tony

Tony Cozier encouraged me to pursue a career in journalism and was a source of motivation and support all through

As told to Raunak Kapoor

Tony Cozier

Tony Cozier 1940-2016

'Tony Cozier's right up there with Garry Sobers' - Holding

Michael Holding pays tribute to Tony Cozier, who was covering cricket when Holding began playing for West Indies, and then helped the fast bowler start his commentary career