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Sonny Ramadhin bowls

Let's hear it for the unorthodox

Spinners who can't be bracketed into one style flourish today in cricket, while they struggled to make it big in the past

Trevor Bailey

England v West Indies, 1950

Those two little tormentors of mine

When all that could go wrong for England did, against West Indies in the summer of 1950

Lord Kitchener returns to London from his tour of the USA


Those two little pals of mine ...

On June 29, 1950, West Indies completed an emphatic 326-run victory over England at Lord's. It was defining moment, not only in West Indies cricket, but in the history of the Caribbean ... and it sparked the release of a famous calypso

H. Gee


Sonny Ramadhin

Little could the parents of Sonny Ramadhin, the West Indies right-arm spin bowler, have guessed what a stir their son would make in the cricket world when he was born at Esperance Village, Trinidad, on May 1, 1930