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West Indies cricket

No end to cheap tricks in West Indies cricket

Given the record at the Queen's Park Oval, Joey Carew's pronouncement that there will "most definitely" be an outright result in the decisive fifth Digicel Test starting today was simply stating the obvious

Batting minus scoring

A painfully pedestrian pace of scoring at the domestic level is not the happiest news in these deeply depressing times in West Indies cricket

Turning a blind eye

Are there players in the current set-up whose competitive edge has been dulled by recent successes and considerable financial rewards?

Give a chance to emerging players

The WICB must impress on all its members the need to identify and prepare players for West Indies, and not continue to stick with those who have no future prospects

Haydn Gill

West Indies domestic cricket

A welcome change

The 2009 first-class competition will feature "return" matches, will run for 14 successive weekends and will allow teams 12 matches in the season, the most in regional history