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Australia in South Africa 2011-12

Sunset for Hilditch, sunrise for Australia

For all the dramas and disasters of Hilditch's five-year tenure as the part-time chairman of selectors, culminating in the loss of the Ashes, the wheel may be starting to turn

After the debacle

To repair its reputation and standard of cricketing excellence, Australia must restore the strength of its domestic cricket and introduce balance in its corridors of power

Cricket Australia, look at yourself

Australians used to pride themselves on having the best cricket governance. Not anymore, now that the board seems bent on casting itself as a marketing organisation that dabbles in the game on the side

ESPNcricinfo staff

Australia v England 2010-11

Hilditch won't quit as chairman of selectors

Andrew Hilditch has confirmed he won't quit as Australia's chairman of selectors, and the only way he will leave the job is if he is sacked by Cricket Australia