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Happy birthday, Richie Benaud and Tony Greig

Memorable lines from Benaud and Greig's commentary careers

Oct 6, 2018: On the occasion of Richie Benaud and Tony Greig's birthdays, we look back at some memorable lines from their commentary careers

ESPNcricinfo staff

Here's the Ashes

Nov 22, 2017: Commentators, presenters, spectators, players - we're all waiting for the latest edition of the storied series to kick off

Mark Nicholas

Why are most captains inevitably batsmen?

Apr 12, 2017: Batsmen have always been preferred over bowlers for the leadership role. Is there any merit in such thinking?

Rob Steen

'Early in life I worked out that being yourself is the easiest thing'

Sep 3, 2016: Ian Chappell talks about making the transition from the field to the commentary box, where he teamed up with Benaud, Lawry and Greig

Interview by Gaurav Kalra

Cricket writers who inspired me

May 29, 2016: The likes of Wooldridge, Benaud, Cozier and Gray were fine company and great to read and listen to

Ian Chappell

Richie Benaud, 1930-2015

The sound of silence

Apr 13, 2016: Over an illustrious commentary career, Richie Benaud developed a distinctive voice, at once authoritative and warm

Gideon Haigh

Wisden Obituary

Richard Benaud

Apr 13, 2016: Richie Benaud, one of the game's finest all-rounders, developed into an outstanding and innovative captain, and then - for 50 of the 70 years in which cricket has been televised - acquired an unrivalled reputation as its leading TV broadcaster

Three books on Richie Benaud

In Richie's company

Dec 20, 2015: Three books on the master commentator and Australia captain offer you the wisdom of Benaud

Paul Edwards

Richie Benaud's storeroom Test matches

Apr 21, 2015: As a boy, the future Australia captain first picked up the game by hitting a tennis ball against a wall with a makeshift bat in an isolated country town

Steve Cannane

Richie Benaud 1930-2015

Benauds decline state funeral offer

Apr 12, 2015: Richie Benaud will be farewelled at a small, private, family gathering this week after his wife Daphne phoned Canberra to inform the Prime Minister's office that her husband had not wished to be the subject of a state funeral

Daniel Brettig

Fifty-two years with Benords

Apr 12, 2015: Gracious and generous, Richie Benaud was a thorough professional but with a wicked sense of humour

Ian Chappell

Richie Benaud, 1930-2015

Sobers pays tribute to 'wonderful' Benaud

Apr 10, 2015: Richie Benaud has been described by his contemporary Garry Sobers as "a wonderful cricketer and captain", as well as a brilliant commentator and good friend

Tony Cozier

The day Richie died

Apr 10, 2015: Sharing a commentary box with Richie Benaud was an enriching, inspiring, and sometimes overwhelming experience

Mark Nicholas

Richie Benaud 1930-2015

The best-loved lines of Richie Benaud

Apr 10, 2015: We asked readers for their favourite lines of legendary broadcaster Richie Benaud. Here are the responses we got

Siddarth Ravindran

Richie Benaud, 1930-2015

Benaud, the effort behind the effortless

Apr 10, 2015: His charismatic presence on and off the field has been well documented, but few, if any, speak of how hard he worked to achieve that

Daniel Brettig

Remembering Richie, a mentor and a friend

Apr 10, 2015: When cracked ribs couldn't stop Benaud from enjoying a lunch with his legendary West Indian opponents in Barbados

Tony Cozier

Richie Benaud tributes

'Best in the business bar none'

Apr 10, 2015: Tributes for Richie Benaud, who has died at 84

ESPNcricinfo staff

Richie Benaud, 1930-2015

Richie Benaud signs off, cricket loses its voice

Apr 9, 2015: Richie Benaud, the former Australia captain, journalist and legendary broadcaster, has died in Sydney aged 84

Daniel Brettig

What makes a good commentator?

Apr 1, 2015: The best are subtle, unhurried cheerleaders who never rush to judgement but rise above the din

Rob Steen

Australia cricket

Benaud, Bill and the field of memories

Nov 10, 2014: Former Australian captains Richie Benaud and Bill Lawry shared memories of their careers at the Sydney Cricket Ground, even as Benaud revealed he had been fighting skin cancer

Daniel Brettig
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