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Sri Lanka

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BC Cooray's nightmare

Jul 2, 2011: In early 2001 an umpire united both sides as well as spectators in agreement that his officiating was atrocious

Martin Williamson

Chucking controversy

Ruchira Perera's action under scrutiny

Mar 9, 2008: The Sri Lankan board has banned Ruchira Perera, a left-arm fast bowler, for a suspected bowling action. He will not be allowed to bowl until further notice

Sa'adi Thawfeeq

Cricinfo XI

The umpire's word is final ... but wrong

Nov 22, 2007: Eleven instances where the umpire got it horribly wrong

Martin Williamson

Kandy Test the final straw

BC Cooray hangs up the white coat

Jun 21, 2001: BC Cooray has hung up his white coat after 23 years of umpiring and one of the most controversial Test matches of modern times. Unsurprisingly,there was no public farewell - his last performance simply left too much bitterness in Sri Lanka.

Charlie Austin
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