August 15, 2001

South Africa and England tours to Zimbabwe

The present reported unrest in parts of Zimbabwe has received wide coverage by local and international press and various agencies around the world are calling for the possible cancellation of the above tours.

The Zimbabwe Cricket Union has discussed the above tours with the management of the United Cricket Board of South Africa and the England and Wales Cricket Board, and we believe there is no good reason why these tours should not continue as scheduled, and further more we are of the view that there is no risk to our visitors in visiting Zimbabwe to play matches in Harare and Bulawayo.

Adequate security has been part and parcel of all visiting teams to Zimbabwe and this will be no different for the forthcoming tours.

The Union is monitoring the situation on a regular basis and will continue to advise the boards of South Africa and England on the latest situation. Both the UCBSA and ECB have confirmed that these tours will take place at present, and senior administrative officials from both countries have also confirmed their acceptance of invitations from our Union to visit during these respective tours.

The streets of Harare and Bulawayo remain some of the safest in the world. The information received from the Central Statistical Office indicates that in the five months to May 2001, some 635,000 tourists have visited Zimbabwe from destinations throughout the world, which numbers include no less than 244 000 from South Africa and 43 000 from the United Kingdom/Ireland in the same period under review.

The Zimbabwe Cricket Union is consistent in it's policy of ensuring for the safety of our visitors, and this policy will be followed regarding the tours by South Africa and England to Zimbabwe in September and October of this year.