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Indian Cricket League

Will the ICL survive?

After 79 ICL players decided to withdraw, it has become obvious that the league, in its original avatar, is no more

Indian Cricket League

Where do we go from here?

The BCCI's amnesty to 79 ICL players might weaken the league but it is unlikely to change the face of domestic cricket in India

Cricket at the crunch

Recent events have shown that the game is not immune to the global economic meltdown

A century of dysfunction

Approaching its centenary, the ICC finds itself in a state of perhaps terminal decline

Shane Bond

That was quick!

For an all-too-brief while, Shane Bond was the world's finest fast bowler, shattering stumps and scaring batsmen. Now at ease with not gracing the main stage anymore, he looks back at his career

Paul Nixon

A lot of hard yak yak

He's got a mouth on him, Nico has. The sledge-a-minute former England wicketkeeper talks about the joys of getting up the opposition's nose

Mushtaq Ahmed

Home and away

County cricket's finest overseas signing talks of how he had to leave his country to get his due, and the change religion has made to his life and career