8,000 - 10,000
Pavilion End, Police Quarters End
22:28, Wed Aug 04, 2021 (UTC +0530)


The Union Gymkhana, which came into existence in 1925, is built over a six acre area. The ground is covered by lush greens and surrounded by schools and colleges. The boundary line is marked at a distance of 65-68 yards. The turf wicket (matting until 1994) is maintained by the Belgaum Sports Club. The pavilion, which doubles up as a badminton hall, is situated to the South of the ground while the Police quarters is to the North. The Western end is flanked by St.Xavier's High School, Eastern end by Beynon Smith High School and North-Eastern side by the RL Science Institute. The ground has a capacity of 8000-10000 and temporary stands are erected to accommodate the crowd. The sightscreen is also erected temporarily, usually for big matches. The Karnataka-Andhra match from November 15-18 2000 is only the second Ranji Trophy match played on this ground, the first being held between the same teams 30 years back on 13,14 November 1970. Karnataka (then Mysore) won by an innings & 10 runs.