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MS Dhoni walks back for the lunch break

Why Dhoni needs to speak out

It can't do Indian cricket any good when there is rampant speculation over the motives and methods of its highest-profile player

IPL commissioner Lalit Modi watches the game

From pioneer to pariah

There is no one in the BCCI with Lalit Modi's marketing savvy, but don't shed any tears for his expulsion. He was far from an innocent victim

MS Dhoni talks to IPL chairman Rajiv Shukla

IPL fixing allegations

The sound of silence

Gauging from the official broadcast of the IPL you'd be hard-pressed to guess there has been a spot-fixing scandal over the past few days

Spectators show their support for the IPL

The IPL mess

An opportunity for a clean-up

The scrapping of two IPL franchises just may be the opportunity the league needs to fashion itself as a world-class enterprise, but will the BCCI take it up?

The IPL mess

Amin a contrast to flamboyant Modi

The new IPL chairman brings to the table inscrutability, a low profile, a respectability and credibility among his peers, professional competence and an aversion to controversy.

Enough with the secrecy

The Kochi franchise ruckus may finally force the BCCI into being transparent. About time too