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A snooze, a smoke, a roar

The Test match-watching experience has changed over the years - the players' faces are obscured, the grounds are more coldly impersonal - but the buzz of a big game remains

David Frith's play-for-your-life XI

For your money (and your life)

A play-for-your-life XI who'll do you proud when it's a choice between not losing and heading to the gas chamber

No. 15


There was outrage over England's tactics in the 1932-33 Ashes, but in the years that followed bouncers shocked no one

Sir Alec Bedser, who died aged 91, during a practice session in 1953

Alec Bedser

A giant of his generation

Alec Bedser was an impressive figure of a man, and his feats with the ball were befittingly large

No, Prime Minister

A one-time school-mate remembers John Howard, the nominee for the ICC's top post, and a genteel disagreement they had over a certain urn

No. 9

The golden age

Before the First World War came a period in cricket marked by the brilliance of dashing amateurs

The XI

What does this team tell us?

The jury's choice seems a comment on the reduced role of skill in the modern game

Scarlet: Clarrie Grimmett - Test Cricketer

Unconventional, endearing, imperfect

A few errors aside, a tasty biography of the legspinner who discovered the flipper - and the cost of irking The Don