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Wasim Akram bowls

Dreams of bat and ball

How I went from revelling in batting fantasies in my youth to being comforted by bowling reveries in later years

Aravinda de Silva hit a hundred in the final

Four Sri Lankan masters

From Mendis to Sangakkara, a look at a few iconic batsmen who shaped Sri Lanka's cricket

Vinoo Mankad batting against England

The stars of Kathiawar

In all the talk of Bombay's credentials as a historical stronghold of Indian cricket, a region to the north gets overlooked

The serpent in the garden

The IPL is representative of the worst sides of Indian capitalism and Indian society

Why Tendulkar must retire now

Like the other great Bombay batsmen of the past, he should time his exit right. It can't get better than ending with a series against Australia

Memories of Virender

Now that his best is likely behind him, let us look back on some Sehwag classics

A case for the Amarnath-Kardar Trophy

The historically minded will love it if the captains of the first Indo-Pak contests were to be honoured so, but what about younger, more modern fans?

Jacques Kallis, MVP

One man stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to nominating cricket's most valuable current player