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Labelled: no difficulty identifying your shirt in a dressing-room pile

The wow and the sheesh

Coloured clothes, black sightscreens, two white balls: the game of cricket looked so different in 1992. But writing about it now seems more fun than watching it then

An aerial view of the WACA, Perth



The wind in the WACA and other Perth phenomena

John Jameson is run out off a deflection by Bhagwath Chandrasekhar



Chandra and Qadir, Gower and Viv - a case for the transformative power of the miniature

Dennis Lillee relaxes by the pool


The thirty-ninth summer of DK Lillee

What if there was an office he could go to, shut the door, do the thing that was inside him and no one ever had to see it?

Rubel Hossain gives Virat Kohli a send-off

The lingering image of Rubel Hossain

Short, slight, fast, skiddy, moves it sideways, in-drifts it, and gets good bounce. And the last Australia probably saw of him was two one-over spells

Tendai Chatara bowled economically and took the crucial wicket of Paul Stirling

Elegy for runlessness

Chatara to Dhawan: six balls, no runs, six paragraphs. There's a certain poetry about the maiden over

Soumya Sarkar cuts

Soumya Sarkar's shot in the dark

The long-lasting memory of a young batsman we have never seen before is of that one brilliant shot announcing his arrival