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Moulsey Hurst is one of the country's oldest grounds with cricket being played there for nearly 300 years. The first mention of a game was in 1723, and in 1731 Kingston played the County of Surrey in front of thousands. In 1806, England beat Surrey by six wickets. The 1872 Ordnance Survey map shows a racecourse marked Molesey Hurst in this position - this subsequently became Hurst Park which operated from 1890 to 1962. The location of the cricket ground was probably in the centre of the racecourse. In the mid 1870s the club moved a short distance to its present location and in 1879 was renamed East Molesey CC, which it remains to this day. One of cricket's most famous paintings - Cricket at Moulsey Hurst - is owned by MCC and displayed at Lord's.
Martin Williamson