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Khaled Masud is regaining his fitness quickly

The National Squad has already reduced its members to sixteen who are now contracted with BCB

Shahryar Khan
The National Squad has already reduced its members to sixteen who are now contracted with BCB. This team will head for Multan on 24th July to take on Pakistan for their first match in Asian Test Championship.
These sixteen boys are now carrying on their three-day weekly practice in BKSP, a sports training institute twenty miles away from the capital. Usually in BKSP, the practice session runs from Saturday to Monday. It begins from 6:30 in the morning. Trevor Chappell always gives importance on fitness; therefore, the morning begins with hard stretching.
A long running session waits for those who are still struggling with their fitness. Mohammed Ashraful disclosed that they had to run continuously for almost an hour in this early hour session. Cricketers who are better fit start this running from 7:00 am.
Then they are given a break. The second session keeps on from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, which includes net practice. The quick bowlers are seen firing on the cement track. Mohammed Sharif, who is now regarded as the fastest among Bangladeshi bowlers, has concentrated more on line and length. He looks more confident and matured as well. The two most recognized pace pair Hasibul and Manjurul are trying to put their recent overseas experience into operation.
After these toil the players take a nap after lunch because the afternoon practice will soon begin from four o'clock. Under the guidance of Trevor the boys get on with fielding practice in this ending session in the BKSP Ground-1. Bangladesh floored a good number of catches in Zimbabwe. Keeping it in head Trevor put emphasis on this particular area.
In June the players went through hard fitness training only, which was very monotonous and cumbersome. Some of the players even asked the coach to reduce the amount of labour. But Trevor explained, saying, " It is important to carry out fitness training in this way. You will see the outcome in future."
As the Asian Test Championship is approaching; net practice is now becoming more vital. The players get a day off the field in Tuesday. They carry out weight training for the next two days in the BCB gymnasium at the early hours. In Wednesday and Thursday they select the BUET ground for additional net practice. On Friday the fatigue team members are given a complete rest.
Khaled Masud, the vice-captain of the side is regaining his lost rhythm and fitness. He says he is almost fit to put on the keeping gloves again. He joined the side last week and kept on doing all those tough works with his mates. The doctor asked him to be off from taking any risky attempt still. A cordial Masud who received an ankle injury in Zimbabwe, said, " I think I am getting better these days. I don't face any difficulty while doing running, stretching and all those. The doctor asked me to take the load gradually."
So this veteran wicket keeper is optimistic to play in the Test Championship. Certainly it would be a great pleasure to see him back in the squad.
The squad will undergo a fifteen-day training under Javed Miandad and Andy Roberts who are arriving soon. They are going to give expert instructions to the players over their related field. Trevor will warmheartedly welcome them, he says, " No doubt their specialized guidance would be beneficial. Both are great players and if we go along with their suggestions, we are looking forward to doing much better."