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Indoor practice is going on due to rain

It has been drizzling for four days and the BKSP grounds are completely wet

Shahryar Khan
It has been drizzling for four days and the BKSP grounds are completely wet. The ground where the National Squad always carry on their net practice is absolutely unworkable. The cricketers are keeping on their net practice sessions in the Indoor of BKSP.
For Saturday and Sunday, the team completed its fielding sessions in the rain-drenched ground-1. But it was impossible to run that yesterday. Both fielding and net practice were done in the Indoor.
" Certainly the rain is hampering the practice. You see it makes a lot of difference between playing in the field and in the Indoor. We hardly practiced in the ground this week, " conceded Habibul Bashar.
" I am afraid we are not getting enough practice matches this time which is very vital before playing with teams like Pakistan, India or Sri Lanka. And we have to play all those in the overseas grounds. We played a good number of practice matches before the Zimbabwe Tour. Now we are missing it, " said he.
Bikash Ranjan Das looked a bit erratic when he was trying to pitch the ball too fast. Trevor Chappell gave him some guidelines quickly. He seemed meditative and was keeping a keen eye on his boys.
Mohammad Sharif, one of the youngest members of the side, is missing the practice sessions. This quick bowler got himself hurt in the shoulder while attempting a catch in net sessions a week before. Gavin Benjafield and a local physiotherapist were taking care of a gloomy Sharif who is hopeful about joining the practice soon.
The squad is going to attend the Test Cap giving ceremony in Winter Garden at Hotel Sheraton, Dhaka tonight.