Set a target of 369, Pakistan had moved to 158 for 1 by tea on the final day, in prime position to save the match. But, after the interval, they lost 9 for 72 in 25.1 overs to slump to a 138-run defeat. Here is how it happened:

67.4 Santner to Babar Azam, OUT, Azam drags on, much like Azhar. Slower through the air, and very full outside off. Azam drives hard with no feet. Plays it onto the off stump off a thick inside edge. Santner is smart with his variations in pace 159/2

72.3 Southee to Sami Aslam, OUT, Aslam holes out to Williamson at mid-off. Good chest-high grab. Good length and wide outside off, Aslam hacks at it with all his might, but can't clear Williamson. Hits it hard and flat. He falls nine short of what could have been a maiden Test hundred 181/3

76.6 Henry to Sarfraz Ahmed, 1 run, OUT, Sarfraz presses on for the second. It was his call. He chances a suicidal second, and is caught short. He isn't in the frame. He lies on the floor. Sarfraz, who wasn't quick enough on the first run, knows he is gone. Short on middle stump, pulled away to the right of de Grandhomme at fine leg. He moves to his right, fumbles, then recovers, and quickly throws it to Watling, right on top of the stumps, who does the rest. Does this mean the chase is off? 199/4

81.1 Henry to Asad Shafiq, OUT, Henry and Henry get Shafiq. He falls for a ten-ball duck. Very full, angled in, and bends away. Shafiq closes his bat-face early, and aims to work it to the leg side, playing the incoming angle. The leading edge carries to Henry Nicholls at backward point, diving to his right and plucking a low catch. First wicket in this Test for Matt Henry after 34 overs 204/5

84.3 Southee to Younis Khan, OUT, follows the outswinger and bouncer with a length-ball inswinger from wide of the crease. Younis was leaving, expecting the one that goes away. Terrific bowling from Southee. Younis simply pads up to it. Not given by umpire Ravi. New Zealand go for a review. Struck on the flap of the front pad, above the knee-roll. No need for Hotspot and RTS. Impact does not matter, Younis wasn't playing a shot. Height may have an issue? No, Younis has to go. Hitting top of off stump, according to projections. Umpire Ravi overturns his on-field call. Not a great birthday for Younis. This match tilting in the favour of New Zealand 218/6

89.5 de Grandhomme to Sohail Khan, OUT, spoons a simple catch to extra cover. Pakistan seven down and are staring at a defeat. Full and outside off, does not come onto the batsman. Sohail drives loosely, plays early, does not bother to keep it down. Picks out Nicholls to perfection. Like target practice. Still 11.1 overs remaining 229/7

90.2 Wagner to Mohammad Amir, OUT, Amir nicks behind. Pakistan eight down. Amir bags a two-ball duck. Back of a length and moves away outside off, rears up at the batsman. Amir hops, hangs his bat out. Takes the outside edge near the shoulder of the bat. Edged behind to Watling, who reverse-cups his hands around the ball 230/8

90.4 Wagner to Wahab Riaz, OUT, Two wickets in three balls for Wagner. New Zealand one away from 2-0. Wahab also bags a duck. Good length and leaves Wahab in the channel. He also has a waft, while on the move, and nicks it behind 230/9

92.1 Wagner to Imran Khan, OUT, Wagner rips out the tail quickly. Excellent catch from Latham to his right, behind the body. New Zealand secure the series 2-0. The celebrations begin in the NZ camp. It's all over for Pakistan. Wagner seals the deal with the short ball. Banged in short on middle, Imran takes his eyes off the ball and fends it in the air. Latham snaps up a superb reflex catch, under the helmet at forward short leg. Debutant Rizwan is stranded. In hindsight, he shouldn't have taken the single at the start of the 91st over and exposed the tail to Wagner 230/10