The Australian Cricket Board (ACB) has confirmed that Michael Slater will retain the Test cap number 356.

The cap number indicates the order in which players have debuted for Australia and confusion arose following suggestions that Slater should be listed as number 357.

The New South Wales batsman made his first appearance in the opening match of the 1993 Ashes series against England at Old Trafford, the same Test as former Western Australian all-rounder Brendon Julian.

Slater was the first of the two players to take part in the match as Australia batted first and he opened the innings.

He was subsequently told he was cap number 356 and has behaved accordingly ever since.

Nevertheless, it was recently pointed out that if the allocation of cap numbers was done alphabetically rather than on batting order then, with J coming before S, Julian would be 356 and Slater 357.

The ACB has assessed the matter, consulted with both players, and has decided Slater will be listed as 356 and Julian 357.

ACB Chief Executive Officer James Sutherland said: "We understand that Michael was told he was 356 and as a result has always behaved accordingly.

"He has obviously gone to great lengths to demonstrate his pride not only in that cap number but also in playing for Australia and that is something to be applauded.

"Given these fairly exceptional circumstances, we are happy to allow Michael to retain the number 356.

"There has never been a hard and fast rule to cater for this situation, but to avoid any possible misunderstandings in future, from now on if more than one player makes their debuts in the same match, the allocation of cap numbers will be done alphabetically and not by batting order."