The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) today announces that Marcus Trescothick, Craig White and Ashley Giles have confirmed their intention to tour India next month. Robert Croft and Andrew Caddick have made themselves unavailable for the tour.

This means that 14 players of the original party of 16 will tour, subject to the proviso that they and the Professional Cricketers' Association are satisfied that appropriate security arrangements will be in place.

Replacement players for Croft and Caddick will be named later this week.

John Carr, ECB Director of Cricket Operations, said: "The ECB is delighted that the players have now made their decisions and thanks them for respecting the ECB's urgency on the matter. Tim O'Gorman and I are travelling to India tomorrow to confirm all the security arrangements for the tour. The Indian authorities have a great deal of experience in implementing appropriate security measures and we look forward to undertaking a successful tour both on and off the pitch."

Ashley Giles said: "I am very grateful to the ECB for allowing my family and I extra time to come to my decision and, subject to my passing a fitness test on 7th November, I now look forward to flying to India with the rest of the touring party."

Marcus Trescothick said: "The additional time provided has enabled me to make my decision in the right frame of mind. I would like to thank the ECB and all concerned for their patience."

Craig White said: "I am undergoing a fitness test on November 7th and if passed fit I confirm I will travel to India with the England squad next month. I am very grateful to all concerned for their patience while making a very difficult decision."

Andy Caddick said: "My decision to opt out of the touring party was extremely difficult. My choice does not reflect any lack of commitment to English cricket and, had circumstances been different, I would love to have toured India.

"Turning down the opportunity to represent my country is something I would never have believed possible. I needed to be 100% confident that my family were happy for me to tour, unfortunately that is not the case. I have two children, Ashton who is three and Fraser, born only on the 12th October - for them and my wife I have made the very personal decision not to go to India.

"My family and I did appreciate the additional time provided by the ECB and my very best wishes go with Nasser and the team."

Robert Croft said: "It has been an immensely difficult decision to make but after further discussions with friends and family I could not guarantee full commitment to the England Team, knowing that my family would worry about my safety.

"I would like to thank the ECB for allowing me more time to reach my decision and assure them that I am fully committed to the New Zealand Tour.

"I have many Indian friends and for all concerned I am very disappointed. Extraordinary circumstances have led to my decision and I would like to take this opportunity to wish Nasser and the guys a successful tour."

David Graveney, Chief Executive of the Professional Cricketers' Association and Chairman of Seclectors, said: "I realise that it has been a very difficult decision for all concerned. I would like to reiterate, in my selectorial capacity, that the statements made regarding players who understandably have opted out of the tour remain true relating to their future selection."

Nasser Hussain, England Team Captain, said: "I am delighted that Craig, Marcus and Ashley have made their decision to tour. On behalf of all the players I would like to thank all concerned for their understanding in what has been an incredibly difficult period for the team. I fully respect and appreciate both Andrew and Robert's decisions."