Glory Lightly Worn - A Tribute to Brian Statham Edited and compiled by Rev. Malcolm G. Lorimer. Published by Parrs Wood Press.

Rev. Malcolm Lorimer conducted the funeral for Statham, and has paid further tribute by lovingly researching and compiling this unashamedly sentimental, yet information packed production. With excellent statistical backup (though that is hardly the focus), as one would expect from a book edited by the current chairman of The Association of Cricket Statisticians, and with a good selection of photographs, it is a worthy tribute to the man who once held the world record for Test wickets, but made more impression off the field.

The book takes its name from the words of the obituary written for The Telegraph by Michael Henderson: "Statham brought to the game that most precious of human qualities: glory, lightly worn."

The comments of Farokh Engineer are typical. "How we all dearly love and miss Brian... He truly never knew how great he really was... not only as one of the greatest ever quickies but for me one of the greatest of all men."

The author has written concise profiles of the contributors to place the tributes in context. And what contributors there are! Bradman and Cowdrey, Close and Hutton, Trueman, of course, and a particularly revealing Tyson to name but six of many. Nearly 50 former Lancashire players add their own perspective to the modest fast bowler who Sir Matt Busby reveals he attempted to woo to the other Old Trafford.

While some contributions are the product of research through the archives (Statham's benefit brochure of 1961 seems to have been of particular use), Lorimer also made approaches to gain more up to date appreciations. The response was excellent, clearly.

Also included is a selection of tributes sent in to CricInfo from the general public. Sent from all round the world they are unfailingly warm and go to show the affection and respect in which Statham was held by all in cricket, not just those in his own back yard.

Last word, in this review at least, should go to the people who knew Statham best - his children: "He was a great cricketer but a greater father," they write.

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