Occasional downpour may hamper the practice sessions of Bangladesh squad that are heading off for Sri Lanka in coming July. The squad, setting off for a 30-day campaign at BKSP from next month, may possibly resort to Indoor practice because the weather in this season in Bangladesh is absolutely precarious - may be we will see some dry sunny days followed by an incessant rainy ones.

No doubt that much cricket will be hampered due to soaked ground conditions, therefore, the players will get hardly any chance to go for practice matches which is the most vital part of the campaign. So, bad luck will be waiting for Bangladesh if they face rain washed practice matches in nearly all days in June.

Last year the side met similar situation before the Pakistan and the Sri Lanka tour. The rain showed barely any sign to let up and they had staggered practice sessions all throughout the month. They had to move to Indoor for a whole week just before they set out for Colombo and Indoor sessions, we know, can never be a substitute to practice matches. When I went there to take some snaps I found the frustration prevalent among the players. There were grumbles, displeasures, and whimpers all around.

They went to Multan first, bowed to one of the worst defeats so far, and went to Colombo then where lonesome Murlitharan crushed them within the third day.

Mohsin Kamal will get hardly any time to do some experiments with his new students. It is clear that he would go for no extraordinary change in the squad, even if he liked to. To the former fast bowler it is a big challenge to guide a side, which is currently lacking confidence after accepting four big defeats (All ended within day-3) at the hands of New Zealand and Pakistan.

To such injury rain could be an added jinx!