Test venues and practice grounds are scarce in Bangladesh. Due to venue scarcity this baby Test nation might have to face lots of unwelcoming situations in near future. BKSP (Bangladesh Sports Training Institute) seems to be the sole option left for the Bangladeshi cricketers to carry on practice sessions in needful hours. This is the only place where they can make a real cricket campaign.

A Test playing squad can't go along with a static situation - they have to be dynamic all through the year, as cricket is no longer a season-based game. The players here (From all ranks) hardly get any opportunity to evaluate their performance after they are done with a series. Why is the situation like that? Because they aren't getting the facilities they need to go through post-match champing (Which is vital) owing to field scarcity.

Surprisingly true that Bangladesh hasn't fixed up any ground for cricket only. The renowned BNS, which saw seven Tests staged there (All before 1971) before Bangladesh had entered the longer version, is still allotted for both cricket and football. The government is yet to make a decision on it - whether it would be a completely cricket stadium or a football one. The ground condition, after the football league is over, turn out to be horrendous. The ground is made doable for cricket again (For an upcoming series or league), but it costs a lot of money each year. An unaffordable wastage for a poor country like Bangladesh no doubt!

The so-called stadiums, Dhanmondi and BUET, are no better than schoolyards. They are deprived of gallery, pavilion and other very essential services needed to run regular cricket.

The only exception could be Fotullah Cricket Stadium, which is ten miles away from Dhaka. It is still under construction (Only 20% work has been done), but has valid possibilities to turn up as a furnished cricket venue. BCB should be more concerned over it. Fotullah offers ample space and another cricket academy can be built there. If they can do that some pressures would be off from BKSP.