Do you remember having fun playing trump cards with your friends? We've tried to replicate the experience with our set of games.

For those who aren't familiar with the concept: you get a card with a list of stats for a particular player, and the aim would be to pick a particular value that you think will better the corresponding value for the player you're up against. The higher value wins in the case of matches, runs, batting average, strike rate, wickets, and catches; the lower value wins for bowling average and economy rate. In case you get a card where a player does not have a bowling average (since they've not taken a wicket) or an economy rate (since they've never bowled), it would lose out to an opposing card where the player has any number greater than zero for bowling average or economy rate. In cases where the numbers are level, you win the match-up.

You need to pick the stat you want to contest from the options below the card. A win earns you a point. There are ten match-ups in this game. To make it easier for you than with regular trump cards: the card you're up against is revealed near the bottom left corner of the game. Enjoy!

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