Jason Molins, Ireland's victorious captain, hopes his side's shock five-wicket win against Surrey in the second round of the C&G Trophy, as well as victory over Zimbabwe last summer, might help them to be inlcuded in the National League.

Molins believes Ireland have the capacilty and ability to follow in the footsteps of the Scotland, who are in Division Two of the National League. "It would be great to compete in the National League," Molins, who top-scored with 58, said. "I think we are more than capable, as we proved here, and beating Surrey certainly won't harm our credentials.

"This win can only raise our profile, and the third-round game should attract lots of publicity. There are lots of things we compete against like football, rugby and Gaelic sports, but the interest is there."

He added, "The wins against Zimbabwe and Surrey are great, but they won't get us to the World Cup - that is the priority."