The executive of the Barbados Cricket Association survived a no-confidence vote brought by more than 100 members on Wednesday.
The motion called for the resignations of Stephen Alleyne, the president, David Holford and Owen Estwick, both vice-presidents, Orson Simpson, the treasurer, and Philip Nicholls, the secretary. It followed a heated meeting last July when the financial standing of some of the officials was questioned. It was defeated by 95 votes to 51 with 13 absentions.
"The membership have affirmed there was no impropriety in the behaviour of the officers as was alleged by the requisition," Nichols told the Barbados-based Nation newspaper. "Those who attended the meeting would know that no evidence was led to suggest impropriety. Instead, there was a lot of mud-slinging."
There was also, Nichols claimed, a dispute over the motion itself, and he claimed that some people who had allegedly demanded the meeting had said that they had been misled. "It was found for what it was, namely a scurrilous attempt at besmirching the good name of the officers of the association."