Imran Jan: two-year ban © Cricinfo
Imran Jan, Trinidad's 26-year-old allrounder, has been banned for two years by the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board after an investigation into "disciplinary breaches" during the Carib Beer Series match in Jamaica last month. Dave Mohammed and Shazam Babwah were given oneand two-year suspended sentences.

Jan was not present at the disciplinary hearing, which took place on March 10, as he was in England where he has coaching and playing duties and he told the Trinidad Express that he was stunned by the punishment. "It's ridiculous," he said. "That's a shock to me. I already got five matches' ban and you gave me that? I think that's real harsh." The board statement said that it was unaware that Jan would not be attending the meeting and was only advised four days after the hearing that he was in England.

The paper reported that the tour management committee made up of David Williams (coach), Daren Ganga (captain) and Gerald Garcia (trainer) had recommended two-match bans for Babwah and Mohammed and an unspecified punishment for Jan.

"I have to go against this," Jan said. "I still have goals. I still want to come back and play cricket for my country. I'm going to appeal because that is taking things to the extreme... it could have an effect on the cricket here as well."

Jan, who has seven days to lodge an appeal, has called on the West Indies Players Association for assistance.