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Match reports


At Auckland, March 6

At Auckland, March 6. Pakistan won by 36 runs. Toss: New Zealand.
Feeble batting by New Zealand was accompanied by an even more discreditable performance from some parts of the crowd. For the first time in New Zealand, the players had to come off because of fears for their safety, when Ata-ur-Rehman, fielding near the fine-leg boundary, was hit on the head, apparently by a bottle. He was led to the dressing-rooms with an icebag over the wound; his team-mates followed. The crowd was told, several hours after they had started bombarding the playing area with beer cans: From now on, anyone seen throwing anything will be arrested. The match resumed after 11 minutes. Some of the 25,000 spectators might have claimed cause for grievance. For $25 We Want Crowe proclaimed one banner, referring to the rise in admission price.
New Zealand's bowlers did well enough on a slow, unsatisfactory pitch, but Pakistan were saved from rout, after being reduced to 65 for six, by their patient opener, Aamir Sohail, and the more aggressive Wasim Akram. Once brilliant catches had despatched Jones and Greatbatch, however, New Zealand's dismal effort revolved around the out-of-touch Rutherford and fell far behind an asking-rate of under three an over.
Man of the Match: Wasim Akram.