Toss: Australia.

Apart from the fifteen-over period at the start of England's innings, when Broad and Robinson were in confident concert, Australia's ninth consecutive victory in one-day internationals always seemed likely. England had made no secret of their view that this game was a chore rather than an occasion, and their cricket reflected the mood. They were, in fact, losers in every sense, because their failure to bowl more than 48 of the scheduled 50 overs in three and a half hours cost them a fine which accounted for all their appearance money. The slow over-rate was partly due to their conceding eighteen no-balls and wides, of which Radford was responsible for ten. Australia batted with conviction, whereas England, Jarvis apart, bowled poorly. England's batting was no better, a sequence of careless shots ruining the solid start, and although Gatting, defying a fever to play, briefly ignited hopes, Australia always had too much in hand.

Man of the Match: G. R. Marsh. Attendance: 54,159.