Introductory Course for Cricket Umpires and Scorers

The Malian Cricket Federation (FeMaCrik) recently held two one-day Introductory Courses for would-be Cricket Umpires and Scorers. Both took place in Bamako with the objective of preparing new umpires and scorers who would later be put to work during the FeMaCrik Tournament planned for December 2005. These intensive courses were run by FeMaCrik's Technical Director and concentrated on a basic understanding of the `rules of the game'.

Fourteen (14) people signed up of the Umpires' course and twelve (12) attended the Scorers' course. Seven (7) people presented for each of the written tests. FeMaCrik is pleased to welcome two new Umpires, three new Assistant Umpires and five new Assistant Scorers (see table below).

New Umpires : New Assistant Umpires New Assistant Scorers * Mr Martin Brouillard * Mrs Susan Watson * Youssouf Coulibaly * Joel Sagara * Abdou Sylla * Youssouf Coulibaly * Mahamadou Taifour Diaby * Joel Sagara * Mrs Susan Watson

FeMaCrik is especially happy to be able to congratulate our first recognised woman Umpire and Scorer, as well as seeing some of the younger players come through and take on more responsibility. Each new Umpire or Scorer will receive a FeMaCrik Level 1 Certificate. FeMaCrik plans to run other courses for Umpires and Scorers in during 2006. .

Mali's newly accredited umpires and scorers © Getty Images