Zimbabwe's Stuart Matsikenyeri has said he did not sign a new contact with the Zimbabwe Cricket interim board because he is "looking at other things", but says he is not certain about his future.

Matsikenyeri was one of the few remaining experienced yet still young players left in the Zimbabwe team after endless disputes cost the country many of its senior players.

"There are other things that I'm looking at, some cricket .. some not," said Matsikenyeri, who was too demoralised to speak about crisis that has took ruined cricket in the country "A lot of things have happened in the past 11 months, haven't they?

"Things that are out of my control. At this stage I don't know what I will be doing. What I can only say is that I will be playing club cricket for my club [Old Hararians]."

It is also being suggested that Matsikenyeri's decision was partly because of his close friendship with former captain Tatenda Taibu, who quit international cricket to draw attention to the players' plight. Many feel that Taibu, who is now back in the country but refusing to have anything to do with the game there, has been abandoned by his former team-mates.

There is also confusion over the position of Andy Blignaut. Although ZC claim he has signed his new contract before he returned to play franchise cricket in South Africa, a source said that the player was livid that his name had been included on the list issued by the board. He added that Blignaut would not play for Zimbabwe until all the outstanding matters, including backpay, had been resolved.