A smiling Inzamam-ul-Haq leaves The Oval © Getty Images
Inzamam-ul-Haq has been cleared of charges of ball tampering after an ICC Code of Conduct hearing at The Oval, but has been found guilty of the charge of bringing the game into disrepute and banned for four ODIs. He said that he would not appeal against the ban.

"I have considered their evidence honestly and fairly given very carefully," Ranjan Madugalle, the senior ICC referee, explained. "My duty is to call and give my own judgment. On the second charge - bringing the game into disrepute by refusing to play - I find Mr Haq guilty in that on two occasions he led a protest against the umpires by failing to come on to the field of play at the relevant time. I take the view, subject of course to any further submissions Mr Gay [Inzamam's lawyer] may wish to make, this is a Level 3 charge - a ban of two or four Test matches and/or between four and eight one-day international matches.

"As to the appropriate penalty for the offence of bringing the game into disrepute, I am satisfied that this is a Level 3 matter. On two occasions he led a protest against the umpires. I have taken into account Mr. Haq's expression of regret and apology. I decide that Mr Haq should be banned for four one-day matches with immediate effect. What happened was unfortunate. It has taken time but the matter has been resolved now."

Inzamam himself told Pakistan TV: "The whole nation has supported our decision. This was a matter of respect for our team and country. We fought for what we thought was right. Team's reputation in the past hasn't been great and so this was important. It was important to register our protest becuase if we didn't then it wouldn't have gotten this far even and now it has been proved we are not guilty of ball tampering. This is a victory for Pakistan.

"I had an idea that I would face some sort of ban. This is the most lenient ban and I will not appeal against it."

"We are very satisfied," Shahriyar Khan, the PCB chairman, said as he left the ground. "We feel the whole process is very fair."

Abbas Zaidi, the PCB's director operations, told Cricinfo: "We have just been told that Inzamam and the Pakistan team have been acquitted of the ball tampering charges. This is excellent news for us as it vindicates our stance all along that we weren't guilty of ball tampering."