Michael Hussey has signed on as Australia's most versatile batsman © Getty Images

Michael Hussey craves another opportunity to bat higher up the order but admits it is unlikely he will win regular elevations in the near future. Despite being the world's top-ranked one-day batsman, Hussey is usually Australia's No. 7 and only a last-minute decision gave him a chance at five during the six-wicket win over England on Saturday.

The patient partner as Damien Martyn cruised to 78, Hussey accumulated 32 from 85 balls in a successful rescue mission from the trouble of 3 for 34. "If that situation arises again I'd love to do it, but I don't think it's going to be a common thing," Hussey said in the Sydney Morning Herald. "We are just going to have to be very flexible and adapt to how the game is going. That's one way we can improve as a team. If we are going well then Andrew Symonds would be perfect in that situation."

Hussey has to juggle his batting outlook in ODIs as the situation varies from recovery to attacking mode, but he has shown his incredible versatility by reaching an average of 79.58 in 45 games. There is also a feeling from many supporters that he is wasted batting so low. At midday on Wednesday almost 85% of voters in a www.baggygreen.com.au poll felt he should always enter higher than No. 7.

"It was nice, a good opportunity to get some good time in the middle," he said of his move to five. "It's something I've been craving, really. The scoring rate was still pretty good at that stage so I didn't have to rush. I could take my time and just hang in there for a while.

"Quite often I have to come in and try to tee off straight away. That's good fun as well. But I quite enjoy coming in when we are in a bit of trouble and trying to resurrect the innings. That's very satisfying."

Hussey said Australia had been slow starters and he was confident the side would improve during the tournament. "We are going to get better each game because of the fact we haven't had a lot of cricket after a long break," he said. "Hopefully the rustiness will keep getting out of our system as we go along. Generally we've been slow starters."